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It’s always a pleasure to visit Kemang area, Fj on 7 is the one of the new hippest hangout places in South Jakarta, and the interior speaks for itself. Located on the 7th (Rooftop) floor of the Colony building, the place kept it’s fun filled FjL look, with colorful eclectic furnitures,hanging knickknacks and painted ceiling,created a splendor atmosphere. The outdoor area turns into a perfect place for lounging at night.  The service is very helpful and informative.


Calamari (IDR 92.000): With guacamole,rucola,and lemon aioli dip. Two pieces of big calamari, crispy delicious and love the sauce.

Crispy Fish Salad (IDR 83.000) with Thai dressing: Mango and radish salad with crispy fried fish. Tangy Thai dressing, really perfect to be eaten with the salty fried fish.

Ginger Butter Chicken Skinny Pitta (IDR 120.000): Crispy pitta bread with marinated chicken with ginger,onion ring, fresh basil and cream toppings. Succulent dish!

Grilled Rolled Salmon (IDR 201.000): With 3 kinds and varieties Chutney, risotto pan fried cake lemon, beure blanc, pesto crowned with greens and caramelized walnut. Delicious and perfectly cooked salmon,beautiful presentation,but not a fan of the flaky dry risotto.


Three Kinds of Velvet (IDR 57.000): Mango,pandan,and beet root. There’s nothing nice I could say about this dessert,in terms of taste and look. Except maybe for the chocolate sauce  cups.

Valrhona Chocolate Molton Peanut Butter (IDR 63.000): Love the creativity of the peanut butter inside the chocolate melt.

Belgian Waffles (IDR 57.000):  Not very good waffles,it’s dry and tasteless.



Fj on 7

Colony Building
Kemang Rooftop R-1
Jl. Kemang Raya No.6

Phone: (021) 29529912

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  1. I really really dissapointed with the taste, so ordinary..
    The taste of food and beverage and drink its like me made it at my kitchen, with that price u should give ur customer with a speciall taste.
    Thats not like the venue, so opposite.
    I was complain to serve and he just smile, he not appriciate with customer..
    And im not RECOMMEND.

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