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I was very excited for my next culinary adventure: Three brand new and promising restaurants on the same floor in the Plaza Tower: Salt Grill by Luke Mangan (western & grills); Gaia (Italian) and En Maru (Japanese), are part of Altitude. The newest most anticipated fine dining place in Jakarta.

The first one I to tried was En Maru, the fusion Japanese restaurant. What I like about the interior was the oriental with contemporary touch,and the large window with the 46th floor view of Jakarta. The spacey area also have private rooms and booth seats, besides large dining tables. Playful wooden blocks as wall decor and chandeliers adorned the place. The service was helpful and friendly.


Tofu Salad (IDR 65.000): Tofu on top of mixed vegetables with sesame dressing, bonito, and baby Sardine. Fresh greens with delicious tangy dressing.

Enmaru Roll (IDR 198.000): Cucumber, Shibazuke, Takuan roll and assorted sashimi on top. Beautiful presentation, great quality of fresh seafood. Overall a delicious sushi dish.

Gyokai Yadokari Yaki (IDR 108.000): Shrimp, Scallop, Crabmeat, Shimeji mushrooms and onion baked with cheese, sprinkle on top with bread crumbs. The cheese added the extra flavor on all of the fillings. If you’re a cheese lover like me,you’ll love this dish.

Gindara Nitsuke (IDR 128.000): Shimmered cod fish with soy sauce and sugar. I love how they cooked the fish. The fresh Gindara was beautifully done (medium rare),the sauce was also really tasty without being too salty.

Inaniwa Udon (IDR 78.000): Boiled noodle served with udon sauce, seaweed, grated radish mixed Japanese plum pasete and tempura crumbs. Cute presentation, simple but delightful meal! The portion might be too small for a man.



Red Bean Panakota (IDR 48.000): A Japanese version on Italian panna cotta. A creative and tasty dessert.

Houjicha Brulee (IDR 48.000): Japanese style creme brulee.

Maccha Ice Zenzai (IDR 48.000): Green tea ice cream with fruit pieces and mochi.



En Maru-Altitude

The Plaza Tower
46th floor
Jalan MH Thamrin Kav 28 – 30

Phone: (021) 29922448


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