Author: Posh Eater

There’s another this new place in Kemang that has created quite a buzz. My first impression on Common People is the beautiful lighting and the simple cozy interior. Playful knick knacks and wall decorations also added youthful spark to the enjoyable surroundings. Love the outdoorsy feeling of the place with white bricks, couches and hanging light bulbs. The service was helpful and quick.

Chicken Wings (IDR 55.000): Crispy delicious chicken wings,perfectly cooked,but a bit too salty for me.

Rice Chicken (IDR 45.000): Rice with caramelized chicken and slow poached egg. Love the sweet tangy sauce, really good chicken too.

Tenderloin (IDR 205.000): Beef tenderloin with creamed corn and wilted spinach. Just average steak, the beef was a little rubbery even though it was cooked medium well, the creamed corn mashed potatoes tasted delicious regardless of the use of the old corns that had lost some of its sweetness.

People’s Burger (IDR 70.000): Beef patty, mushrooms, Cheddar cheese, Tomato jam. Really juicy burger that you can sink your teeth into. Love the tasty mushrooms too.

Grilled Half Chicken (IDR 105.000): with Grilled Corn, Mashed potatoes and Mustard cream sauce. The chicken looks good but a bit tasteless. Delicious corn cobs and mashed potatoes.


Common Platter (IDR 85.000): Pannacotta with green apple puree and compote. Valrhona Molten chocolate Fondant with Vanilla bean ice cream, and Mixed fruit Pavlova with strawberry, star fruit, pomelo and blueberry. Loveee the dessert! It’s beautiful to look at and ‘beautifully’ tasted in my mouth.


Common People

Plaza Bisnis Kemang 1,GF.
Jl.Kemang Raya No.2
Jakarta 12730, Indonesia
Phone: (021) 7181843

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