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I visited the newest branch of Chung Gi Wa recently. If you are a hard core lover of Korean food in Jakarta, I bet the name Chung Gin Wa isn’t new to you. The original place,which is in Darmawangsa area, had been there for quite a while. In fact the Korean BBq place has it’s own loyal costumers both local and expats. The Gandaria City branch has a familiar feel to it. Too bad the exhaust system doesn’t seemed to work well because the smoke was everywhere. The service and food quality was as good as it’s expected.

Yang Yum Gui (IDR 63.000) : Marinated Pork short Ribs. Delicious juicy pork meat.

Chadol Denjang Chige (IDR 88.000): Beanpaste Tofu Stew with beef brisket. Rich broth, delicious but I wish they put more spiciness into it.

Jap Chae (IDR 75.000): Stir fried noodle. Tasty meal in generous size.

Dolsot Bibimbab (IDR 58.000): Korean mixed rice. Love the Bibimbab. It has all the fresh ingredients and tasted marvelous too.








Chung Gi Wa

Mall Gandaria City
Ground Floor MG-41
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda No.8
Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta

Phone: (021) 29236432 / (021) 29236433

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