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Following the success of Tjitlada restaurants, Chandara was born. This establishment offers much more range of traditional and infusion Thai food without neglecting the main ingredients that has made Tjitlada as successful as it is today: Authenticity, best quality and service, newly updated menus and great price. That’s why I always have full confident that I’ll be satisfied everytime I come to this restaurant. Some of the favorites from Tjitlada are also available here in Chandara. They offer so many great dishes that I wished that I could try them all.

Yam Mamuang (IDR 45.000): Spicy Mango Salad with chili and lime juice

Poo Nim Yam Som O (IDR 55.000): Spicy Pomelo Salad with soft shell crabs.

Kratong Thong (IDR 31.000): Sauted minced chicken, shrimps and sweet corn, served in a basket.

Goong Op Wunsen (IDR 76.000): Baked prawns with vermicelli, black mushrooms, spring onions, chinese celery and garlic in claypot.

Gai Yang (IDR 50.000): Marinated chicken, grilled with lemongrass and served with chili sauce.

Pla Krapong Manaow (Live, 20 minutes) (M-IDR 175.000, L-IDR 225.000): Steamed whole seabass with fresh lime juice and chili sauce.

No May Farang Pad Goong (IDR 65.000): Stir-fried asparagus, mushroom and prawns with oyster sauce.


Chandara Fine Thai Cuisine

Plaza Senayan, 4th Fl Unit CP 414
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8, Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: (021) 572-5342

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