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I’ve heard good things about Born Ga Korean BBQ restaurant, so I immediately fit it in my next culinary trip schedule. Because of my early arrival,the restaurant was still empty, but not long after that,crowds began to show.. both locals and Koreans, mostly business people was filling up the venue in no time. The interior was nothing out of ordinary, tables with exhaust pipes coming down from the ceilings, bamboo partitions and tv screens with Korean shows on. The good news about their concept is that customers get to experience authentic Korean food. The main attraction in this place was the long giant plate of veggies they serve. Fantastic for those of you who love fresh vegetables.


Woo Samgyup (IDR 170.000): Born Ga’s most famous menu. Thin sliced beef brisket with their special sauce. Really delicious, tasty beef! The sauce was tangy with a bit of sweetness.

Yangnyum Galbi (IDR 230.000): Prime cut and tender beef ribs marinated in house special sauce. I love it! The beef quality and the sauce are superb! It’s super juicy and tasty.

Jap Chae (IDR 100.000): Stir-fried beef and vegetables with glass noodles. This dish was good but to me, the taste was timid.

Soontofu Jigae-Spicy (IDR 70.000): Assorted seafood and soft tofu soup. Good soup with generous seafood and tofu. I think they could’ve done it stronger spices.




Born Ga

Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No.24
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan

Phone: (021) 7396229 / (021) 7233024


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