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Inspired by Chef Kimmy Tang that offers a Vietnamese centric menu with a French and California twist, this newly opened Pho noodle restaurant was a sight for sore eyes in Glendale Galleria. The eatery is spacey, family friendly and has a  simple and unique decoration. A wall full of herb garden hanging behind the host table created a green atmosphere to the place. We had to wait around 30 min for our table,but it was worth it.

Crab Cakes ($8.95) : Crab meat, taro,and water chestnut in house basil sauce. This appetizer was a winner, the crab meat was so tasty and the sweetness of the taro and other ingredients complimented it really well.

9021 Pho Crunchy Rolls ($5.95): Crab Meat, shrimps, chicken, Taro, Shallots, and Tree Ear Mushrooms wrapped in wonton shell. Beautiful looking rolls with delicious and light filling.

Chef Kimmy’s Salad ($10.95): Fresh greens, mint, seasonal fruits and Honey roasted walnuts,served with Tamarind sauce. Freshly tossed salad with all the healthy goodies.

Pho Bo ($8.95) : Sliced beef, meatballs, onions, and Cilantro, served with rice noodle in a traditional Vietnamese beef broth. Possibly the best Pho I’ve ever tasted. Tasty fragrant soup, delicious thin rice noodle and the extra meatball added the ‘Yum’. It’s fantastic.

Happy Fried Rice ($6:95) : Chicken breast, scramble eggs,snow peas, tomatoes and fried rice.

Crispy Chicken with rice ($6.95) : Panko-fried chicken breast served with rice.


9021 PHO

Glendale Galleria
1164 Glendale Galleria Way, Glendale, CA

Phone: 818-551-9021

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