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With so many new cafes and restaurants emerging, various interior design concepts are surfacing with industrial being one of them. This pop industrial concept cafe with bold statement and stacks of 100 dollar bills at the entrance make a quite strong impression for me. This industrial warehouse-style building is separated into four different seating sections with each unique style. The lounging sofa bed at the balcony with an outdoor breezy ambience, regular dining tables and booths in the main area with paintings of zebras decorating the white brick walls, accupuncto-chair seating in the separate area inside and another sofa bed on the second floor with a view to the main area below through the metal grill.

On this particular visit, I started the dinner with Funghi Trifolati (IDR 24.500), a sauteed mix mushroom with english muffin and green salad. On first taste, it was way too salty and the english muffin’s texture is different than the usual english muffin. For the mains, Sirloin Spinach (IDR 54.500) served with cream spinach, mozarella cheese, carrot, fries. It was standard. From the rice on bowl category, I selected Tomato Cherry with Roasted Lamb (IDR 29.500) – another too salty dish. Then I tried Cotoletta Milanese (IDR 52.500) one of their new dish, which is a deep fried bread-crumbed beef served with salad, tomato sauce, and mashed potatoes. Luckily, this one tasted okay, saving my dinner experience a little bit. And the final mains was Grill Chicken Mushroom (IDR 38.500), served with mashed potato and mushroom sauce. Another let down, while the sides are alright, the meat is tough due to overcooked with a standard taste on the sauce.

The drinks were not disappointing. Thai Green Tea (IDR 18.500) is like a mutation of regular thai tea, as we can taste the thai tea flavor with a hint of green tea. For people who likes both drinks, I think it’s a good choice. Star of Vanilla (IDR 27.500), a mix of starfruit, pineapple juice, cucumber slice, and apple juice. It’s a good drink and refreshing.
And as a dessert lover, it is mandatory to have a taste of their dessert, so I ordered the usual Creme Brulee (IDR 24.500). The sugar was too thick, the taste was not like what I expected from a creme brulee. It’s more like a custard to me.

But hey, food aside, I like the ambience since it got an urban feel to it. I love the music selection as well which I think matches the interior, creating the grungy atmosphere that I like. It’s a good hangout place for college students and youngsters.

Vanilla Kitchen and Wine

Jl. Cimanuk 11
P: 022-7276652
f. 022-7207249
twitter @vanillaBDG

Average Spending per person: IDR 70,000 – 90,000

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