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To tell you the truth, I’m quite impressed with this restaurant, I revisited it with a bunch of my friends on a recent weekday lunch, and the place was still packed like the last time I was here. (FYI they still give max reservation time from 11:30 am- 2:30 pm). It hasn’t seem to lost it’s ‘mojo’ since it’s first open around 2 years ago.

The service was okay, as soon as I came, the host immediately took us to our seat. The down side was that we were seated on a- 4 people capacity- booth seat (when I’ve distinctively made reservation for 6). At the end we had to ask for 2 more extra chairs.


Caesar Salad with chicken (IDR 60.000): fresh green veggies with tasteless dressing, but was saved by the tasty grilled chicken. And I love the extra crunchy chips on top.

Buffalo Chicken Wings with homemade Blue Cheese dressing and Crudites (IDR 75.000): Mushy chicken wings with not much happening on the taste area.

Bakmie Chicken with Foei Gras (IDR 75.000): A favorite of many people and it wasn’t bad for me either. Good quality of Foie Gras and worked well on the simple Chinese styled noodle.

Pork Crackling (IDR 70.000): Spaghetti with crispy fried pork skin and Bacon Lardons with Alba Truffle cream. Frankly I couldn’t really taste/smell the Truffle much, but it’s still a flavorful and fulfilling dish.

Union Burger Foei Gras (IDR 120.000): Fantastic burger with yummy buns and thick juicy meat plus aged cheddar,fries,bacon and Foei Gras.


Mocca Cake (IDR 50.000): It’s just alright,nothing special about this Mocca cake.

Chocolate Soufflé (IDR 55.000): Today the Soufflé was quite good. Last time I was here, it was more mushy and salty. While this is one of a wonderful improvement, I’d also want to share my experience on Union’s other famous dessert: The Red Velvet Cake. I’ve found their Red Velvet Cake to be Good on a certain day and Not so good in another time.  I guess, like some other dishes that they serve here, the quality of the food could be inconsistent. For such a highly respected restaurant such as Union, I think this is the main thing that they should focus on.



Plaza Senayan Courtyard Ground Flr.
 Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: (021) 5790 5861/ (021) 5790 5863

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