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Early this month, I went to The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands during our leisure trip to Singapore. After striding the mall for an hour, I saw this nice french style TWG (The Wellness Group) tea garden, and I immediately fell in love with it and decided to have high tea there.

After looking through the short menu for high tea selections, I ordered Imperial from their menu, which costs S$39 along with several extra macarons costing S$2 each. For the tea, there are a long list of tea we can choose from. My eyes quickly caught on white tea and decided on it right away. I was excited since it’s quite hard to find white tea in my hometown. It’s one of my favorite tea because not only they have light flavor that I like, they also contain three times higher antioxidant than green tea. From what I know, both green and white tea come from the same plant, only white tea is harvested at younger stage. They both undergo very little processing, but green tea is partly fermented while white tea is not fermented at all. That what makes white tea leaves retains antioxidant higher than green tea.

Okay, enough with the tea thing. It was a perfect high tea for me. The relaxing ambience, exquisite cutleries and amazing pool settings, create a dining indulgence that’s pretty hard to find. If you got a chance to visit Marina Bay Sands, this high tea experience is a must try. While my sister got a jar of tea jelly, I treated myself to a scoop of their tea-based ice cream from their other store at Marina for to go. They have 2 tea gardens there with a store located close by to each of the garden. Unfortunately the flavor that I chose Bain the Rose‘ is too weird for my taste. So you guys better pick other flavor next time, unless you want to take the risk like I did 🙂

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique in the Gardens
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
B2-65/67A, 2 Bayfront Avenue,
Singapore 018972

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