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Believe it or not, there aren’t many Turkish restaurants in Jakarta, in fact, Turkuaz is only the second one in the city beside Anatolia, Kemang.

My first impression when I first opened the turquoise door was the beautiful wooden patterned wall. Romantic elegant is the theme of this small Middle Eastern restaurant. Black and white framed pictures of Turkey decorated the walls, a nice gesture for guests who’ve never visited the country before.

The service here was extra nice. Waitresses were well acquitted with the menus and always around to help. FYI, except for Beers, there are No other alcohol drinks served here. If you like to bring your own wine bottle, there’s a corkage fee in the amount of IDR 80.000.


I started the meal with Babaganuc (IDR 55.000): Char grilled aubergines, tomato,chili peppers and garlic, served with Lavas Ekmegi (puffy bread). Love the pannini-like textured fresh bread,and the zesty Babaganuc. In addition, we also ordered an extra Kebab Ekmegi (IDR 10.000), tortilla-like bread.

Ispanakli Peynirli Borek (IDR 40.000): Small wood oven baked pastries with  spinach (ispanak) and Turkish white cheese (peynir). Crispy light pastry with salty rich filling. Delicious dish.

Ezmeli Kebab Chicken (IDR 80.000): Sauteed chopped vegetables with spiced kofte’s. Very tasty minced chicken kebab rich of spices.

Adana Kebab Chicken (IDR 80.000): Char grilled minced chicken and chili paste with Icli Pilav (Slow cooked rice with almonds, pine nuts, raisin and Turkish spices). While the other meals were small in portion, this dish was bigger than the rest. The Kebab was fragrant and tasty, kind of dry to be eaten with the rice, but the meal was healthy and undeniably delicious.

We ended the meal with Turkey’s most popular dessert..Baklava (IDR 55.000): Layers of fillo pastry, butter, pistachio and homemade syrup. I took a bite and felt like I just died and went to Heaven. The crunchiness of the thin pastry skin, the natural saltiness of the pistachios, and the added syrup put the ‘Ah’ on Ah-Mazing. It’s just a simple and satisfying dessert to be experienced.

To added joy to the lunch, we were offered some complimentary Turkish delights at the end. A plus to an already delightful meal.


Turkish Desserts:

Sutlu Nuriye (IDR 23.500): Almond Baklava with milk syrup

Klasik Antep Fistikli Baklava (IDR 23.500): 24 layers of hand rolled fillos with Antep pistachios.

Cukulatali Findikli Baklava (IDR 23.500): Chocolate Hazelnut Baklava.

Antep Fistikli Sobiyet (IDR 23.500): 28 layers of hand rolled fillos with homemade semolina cream.

Firinda Sutlac (IDR 35.000): Wood oven baked creamy cold rice pudding.

Keskul (IDR 40.000): Ottoman style pure almond pudding.










Jl. Gunawarman No. 32.
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.
Phone: (021)7279 5846



  1. Wow! You managed to take photo of this place EMPTY (something that I previously thought to be impossible, due to its popularity -> refer to the post on my blog) =)
    But oh my, I really love turkish food, and Chef Sezai create such fine dishes! I wish I was offered some Turkish Delights at my visit sometime ago 😉 Guess I’ll try my luck again at daytime next time teehee.

    1. Hi, salam kenal jg. Sure, I’ve put your link up already. So who am I talkin to? Mr., Mrs., or sepupu jajan? haha 😀

    1. Hai Ratna,restonya buka kok,try calling: +62 878-8910-2169. Opening hours:Lunch: 11.30 – 14.00, Dinner: 18.00 – 20.00.Good luck.

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