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As unique as it sounds, this restaurant has a very interesting concept. Customers will feel like they’re eating in the middle of an outdoor playground, complete with swings and merry go rounds as tables (I do not recommend you to seat there if you have a weak stomach). The weird thing is that it’s not exactly a restaurant with private space, it’s in between the Plaza Indonesia Extension hall, so you can see people walking by your table while you’re eating. Then again, maybe that’s part of the Playground concept which is open public space that’s attracting people to come.

We were seated on the swing table and ordered their speciality iceteas: Bully Ice Tea(IDR 35.000): Ice tea with pieces of jellies and seaweed , Lychee Ice Tea (IDR 30.000)

Cajun Chicken Salad (IDR 55.000): Lettuce with blackened cajun chicken and mayonise dressing. Delicious.

Nasi Campur Edan (IDR 35.000): fried rice with side dishes: grilled chicken, fried fish fillet,spicy chips,vegetables and scrambled eggs with sambal (chili sauce). A great dish for ladies, small rice portion, larger side order. Spicy and salty fried rice, sweet grilled chicken and chips. Perfect combination for a rice dish.

US Smokey BBQ Short Ribs (IDR 160.000): Love the taste,but the meat is too fatty for me. Sauteed spinach, tiny baked potato (not a good quality), black pepper sauce.


Sambayon/ Deconstructed Mille-feuille (IDR 35.000): It wasn’t what I expected a Mille feuille (thousand sheets) to be like. It was literally desconstructed. Instead of puff pastry layers, what I got was strawberry with creamy custard and three pieces of thin sweet crackers on the side.

Deconstructed Brandy Banana Split (IDR 65.000): I know..I was overwhelmed by the word ‘Deconstructed’. Anyway, the idea of this dessert was interesting. A bowl of banana pieces on vanilla and strawberry ice creams, poured over by burning Brandy sauce upon serving. Too bad the taste wasn’t as cool as it looks. Cheap ice cream with banana and some crunchy thin white chocolate plus a pool of alcohol that wasn’t even burnt well.

So what do I think of the Playground? It’s an adorable themed restaurant. But on the foodie point of view, it doesn’t really have anything memorable to brag about.


The Playground

Plaza Indonesia Extension 4th floor. Jl. M. H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Central Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: (021)  299 23747/  (021) 299 23748


  1. “it doesn’t really have anything memorable to brag about” -> Exactly why I haven’t felt inclined to try this place out, despite passing it virtually everyday…haha

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