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What’s all this fuzz about the Goods restaurants? That’s what I was curious about too. So I’ve decided to take a peek on the nearest one in my area, The Goods Diner, SCBD Lot.

My first impression when I first set in the diner was nothing special. The waitress greeted me immediately and took me to the nearest booth. The interior had the feeling of modern minimalist without sacrificing the true nature of American style diner. Natural lighting from the large windows makes the place warm and friendly.

I treated myself with a nice cold Lychee Lemonade, and it was truly refreshing! It definitely beats the boring lychee ice tea that I usually order.

Caesar Salad with Chicken & Garlic bread:  The salad was nothing out of ordinary, but I give it a plus on the delicious fresh homemade garlic bread!

Chicken Wings (IDR 40.000): Scriracha honey glazed plus blue cheese dipping. The taste was good but the chicken was kinda mushy and missing the crunch.

General Tsao’s Chicken: Chinese fried rice with marinated ginger chicken with sweet and sour sauce. Gorgeous & tasty combination,reminded me of Panda Express’ meal in USA.

The Shrimp Scampi Angel Hair: This one was extraordinary!! I personally prefer to add just a little bit touch of salt, but the dish itself already had all the right stuffs: Garlic,pepper,lemon zest,buttery light pasta with sauteed shrimps on the top. Just Exquisite.

Nasi Goreng Kampung (IDR 40.000): Simple savory Indonesian fried rice with grilled chicken breast and peanut sauce, pickle cucumber,emping. Salmon Leek Cream (IDR 55.000): Penne pasta with salmon pieces and delicious creamy sauce.

Vietnamese Chicken Sandwich (IDR 45.000): Five spices marinated chicken, pickles,radish, carrots,cucumber. Fresh tasty scrumptious meal. A clever fusion dish that’s worth to try.


Rainbow cupcake: Tiny colorful cupcake. Just a boring cupcake with food coloring. Nothing special.

Red Velvet Cake (IDR 50.000): A big slice of choco flavored cake with butter cream layers. I know it looks tempting, but it was kinda dry and didn’t impressed me much.

Apple Mango Pie (IDR 35.000): Finally something I can brag about! American style pie with apple & mango filling, served with vanilla ice cream. The fruit slices were a bit too thick for me,but the taste was superb! Crunchy Cinnamon-ly sweet & tangy fruits with thin baked pastry. Perfecto!

Rainbow cake (IDR 50.000): Cute looking cake with colorful sugar sprinkles on top. Unfortunately, the taste was just ordinary and the cream frosting left me with the waxy aftertaste in my mouth, which could possibly be caused by the use of low quality butter.

Chocolate Bread Pudding (IDR 35.000): Perfectly textured warm bread pudding served with vanilla ice cream.Delicious dessert.

With awesome service, laid back crowds, affordable and fantastic food. I think The Goods Diner deserves two thumbs up.



The Goods Diner

Fairgrounds (ex Bengkel Nightpark) SCBD Lot 14th
Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: (021) 5152969



  1. Thanks for the great (and honest) review. Next time you come in, please try some of our specialties like the Filipino Short Rib or any of our Burgers. We also have brunch on Saturday and Sunday. Hope you’ll be back soon.

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