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This new Thai restaurant in Pacific Place Mall, caught my eyes with their cute theme. It has a mirror image exactly like the traditional hawker eateries in Thailand. The wooden distressed furnitures and walls, even a bright red sign with Thai language added spark in this already interesting place.

The menu selection was very familiar to me, it actually resembles the menu of a certain famous Thai restaurant in Jakarta that I shouldn’t mention by name. It made me curious to find out what their food taste like.

Tod Man Goong (IDR 29.000): Fried prawn cake, delicious comfort food.

Gang Gwio Warn Gai (IDR 42.000): Green curry with coconut cream, sweet basil leaves,eggplant, chilis with white meat chicken. Perfect to be eaten with Roti Canai (IDR 25.000).

Khao Pad Sapparod (IDR 42.000): Fried rice with chicken, shrimps, fish, pineapple, and cashew nuts.

Pad Kraprao Gai (IDR 52.000): Chicken stir fried with chili and holy basil leaves. Zesty flavorful dish.

Pla Bu Manaow (IDR 199.000): Steamed whole Sun Hock fish with fresh lime juice and chili sauce. Beautiful fresh fish with superb spices, needed a little bit of more sourness/zest for my taste, but it’s quite okay.

Kao Ohb Nam Liaeb (IDR 45.000): Fried rice with Chinese black olives and chicken served with fresh chili, lime, shallot, and cashew nut. One of my favorite. A simple, really smart dish.

Neua Yang (IDR 79.000): Grilled Australian rib eye, seasoned with Thai herbs and served with spicy sauce. Sweet fragrant-satay like juicy beef.

Pad Phak Boong Gapi (IDR 35.000): Stir fried morning glory/Kangkung with shrimp paste.

Pad Siew (IDR 45.000): Stir Fried kwey teow seafood with vegetables.

Pad Thai (IDR 45.000): Stir fried rice noodle with shrimps, chicken, eggs, tomatoes, bean sprouts, and spring onions.

In conclusion,there were nothing bad I could say about this restaurant except maybe for the heavy use of vetsin, but then again, it’s still a good place with excellent food to visit.


Thai Alley

Pacific Place 5th Flr.
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 52-53
Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone: (021) 57973600

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