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Again, after looking for a place to eat at Paris Van Java out of the many selections there, our choice fell on SushiGroove.  I have to blame my appetite preference or should I say, my fondness on Japanese food for this decision.

SushiGroove, one of Ismaya group restaurant concepts, is a restaurant-chain with several locations in Jakarta and in Paris Van Java Mall Bandung.  Its somewhat groovy interior and fusion sushi has always been the main magnet pulling me there times and times again.

One of our usual in the sushi roll category is Flying Fish roll. We decided to order that as well on this visit as we love its spiciness and crunchiness.  Besides that, we also order Red Queen roll and Sunshine roll.  We made the selection mainly because of its core ingredients which is cream cheese and raw salmon, respectively. The rolls are pretty good, not disappointing at all. However other than sushi rolls, based on previous visits.. I find that their other menus like sushi burgers or japaghetti fell short of my expectation.

Based on the information we got from our acquaintances, some of them don’t like the food here and they find their menu not quite authentic and not as good as the other japanese restaurants, such as Sushi Tei, Torigen, let alone Mikawa.  I somewhat agree due to the fact that they are more fusion than authentic, but on the other hand, I beg to differ as well.  I would prefer to treat Sush iGroove just as a different kind of japanese food with some sushi rolls and groovy ambience that I can enjoy.

Sushi Groove
Paris Van Java resort lifestyle place, GF-GB56
Jl. Sukajadi 137-139

P. +62 22 8206 3600

Average spending: IDR 90,000

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