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I was excited when I heard that there’s a Spanish restaurant opening up in Bandung since I really like Spanish and Latino food plus the ambience that usually comes along with it. So, I went there at my earliest convenience to taste their food and experience the restaurant.

The interior was kinda interesting from the outside, with the facade made up with several tall windows. Inside, there’s drawings and writings decorating the walls here and there, with some spanish-styled tiles on the second floor. The ambience was pretty good.

We started the meal with Berenjenas (IDR 18) – fried eggplant served with honey sauce. The eggplant was quite disappointing for me, maybe because of my different expectation for the texture and taste of an eggplant. It was skinny and not appetizing. The taste of honey sauce was quite right for people with sweet tongue thou.

Next served was the Churros which is commonly referred to as Spanish doughnut.  There was a saying, if you didn’t try Churros in a spanish restaurant, you haven’t been there.. Nah, I just made that up :D. The Churros (IDR 20), which is a spanish fried dough pastry served with melted chocolate, was unfortunately quite far from my expectation. It lacked the crunchiness and some of the flavor of a churro.

From the tapas section of the menu, we ordered:

Tortilla Espanola (IDR 25) – spanish egg omelet served with garlic mayonaise sauce. Eventhough the look doesn’t look like the usual tortilla espanola, but it was yummy nonetheless. One of my favorite dish!

Delicias de Queso (IDR 25) – fried cheese ball. It was standard, but I like cheese so I enjoyed it anyway

Chili Con Carne (IDR 30) – mexican tortilla served with mexican hot chili bolognaise and red bean garnished with coliander leaf. Based on my stored memory of an original tortilla I tasted before, this tortilla was made rather too thick and the garnishings didn’t provide much help to the taste.

Mushroom Quesadillas (IDR 20) – mexican tortilla served with sauteed mushroom, smoked beef and ground beef served with gouda cheese.

As we moved on to the mains, we decided to try a few menus as follows:

Lomo de Buey ala Barbacoa (IDR 57.5) – grilled beef tenderloin topped with mushroom, capsicum, onion, and smoked beef served with potato chip and bbq sauce. I was told that it was one of the favorites there, and I would have to concur. The meat was almost perfectly cooked and the bbq sauce was really tasteful. Recommended for visitor of this establishment. 🙂

Solo Millo de Corco (IDR 57.5) – grilled beef tenderloin skewer marinated with white wine and onion served with escalibadas. Alas this one has too much fatty section on the meat, but besides that it was cooked beautifully as well. However, taste-wise I would still prefer the latter.

Paela Chorizo con Jamon (IDR 80) – spanish rice with spanish sausage and smoked beef garnished vegetable. At first look, the presentation was quite interesting and the dish is served in a large wok. However, the taste and texture say otherwise. It was horrendeously too salty and too dry. Can’t even stand to finish a few spoonful of this fried rice. What a disappointment. It was a cooking session gone bad.

Cordero ala Soleluna (IDR 75) – grilled lamb chop topped with garlic butter served with pisto manchego. I would have to blame this one on their decision to use the lamb meat for this dish. The dish was 60% fat. I bet it would even scare dirty or unhealthy eaters. The taste is okay, but everything was undermined by the pool of oily fat on the plate.

The drinks I ordered were:

Andaluz Bell (IDR 20) – lychee passion pineapple soda. It was quite refreshing.

Sangria (IDR 35). It was served in a glass for a single drinker. The taste is far from a well-made sangria. Won’t try it again here if you know what I mean.

Hot mint chocolate – it’s quite alright.

Conclusively, I enjoyed the experience of visiting this new restaurant due to its spanish themed interior and cuisine served here. However, food-wise they need to work on major improvements if they want to be considered as a good spanish restaurant.

Jl. Sumatra No. 26
Bandung, Indonesia
P. +62 22 4232975

Average spending: IDR 110,000

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