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Attention Food Lovers…The brand new, much anticipated Ismaya’s establishment is here! SKYE is one of the most sought out place right now, a hip and happening spot for the creme de la creme of Jakarta. Even though the place just had their soft opening a few weeks ago, the reservation has been tight from the start. I heard that for a dinner party, you’ll have to wait for 3 weeks to get a table.

Positioned on the 56th Flr. of Menara BCA building, this restaurant was definitely designed to take your breath away. Stepping out of the private elevator that took me straight up, huge opened doors with the SKYE sun symbol greeted me with such a grace. I was welcomed by the receptionist behind the big station with colorful backdrop wall. This place was divided into two areas, to the left was the bar, lounge, and outdoor patio and to the right was the large dining area with giant windows with Jakarta’s view from the top. The dark wooden and stone interior with great mosaic art wall combined with minimalists design gave out warm and comfy feeling to the place. There’s also a private dining area on the second floor that could entertain about 30 people.

The lounge and bar area was another different story by itself. Modernized American country design with cute cow skin pattern for the walls, a small bakery on the side, cute rocking chairs accompanied the coffee table, and last but not least, the all black, white and green open air rooftop was breathtakingly gorgeous. There’s no denying how Ismaya could always give an outstanding, high class atmosphere to their establishments.

And now about the food. Here are the drinks that we ordered:

The Apple Virgin Mojito (IDR 90.000): Refreshing sweet and sour drink with big apple slices.

Forget Me Not (IDR 45.000): A blend of lime, apple and raspberry,a bit scary but also cute blue colored drink. Taste like rainbow (sweet, sour, tangy)

The Dragon Tattoo (IDR 45.000): Dragon fruit, strawberries,and vanilla ice cream. Yummy.


Halloumi Salad (IDR 75.000): Grilled Halloumi (cheese made from unpasteurised sheep and goats milk) salad with beet root, hazelnut and pomegranate salad. Green veggies with simple dressing plus slices of salty tasty Halloumi cheeses. Perfect.

School prawns (IDR 65.000): deep fried prawns in red rice batter with soy and mirin sauce. This dish was just ordinary, and I wish they’d cleaned the shrimp better.

Chicken Quesadilla (IDR 85.000): Chicken and cheddar cheese quesadilla with jalapeno and guacamole (avocado sauce Mexican style). I’ve never knew that such a simple dish could be such a mess. The tortilla was rough and dry, the chicken was tough, and the taste was a disappointment.

Saffron Paella (IDR 175.000): Fusion Spanish rice dish with prawn, chicken, squid, chorizo and saffron with cheese on the top, served on a hot plate. Delicious, rich of flavor dish.

Wagyu Beef Cheek (IDR 195.000): Slow braised wagyu beef cheek with ‘rawon flavors’ and soft mashed celeariac. Tender, great quality of beef, but needed much more marinating.

Butter fish Tagine (IDR 150.000): Tangine of butter fish with olives and peppers served with yogurt and cous cous. The fish fillets was too thick and tasteless for me and too much going on with the sauce, it didn’t really complimented the fish itself. Not really my favorite.


Smores (IDR 65.000): Peanut butter shortbread, marshmallow parfait and raspberry jelly. Crispy shortbread on the top, cold creamy parfait with pieces of marshmallow, it’s satisfyingly scrumptious. I just wish they’d put more of those yummy raspberry  jelly.

Salted Caramel Tart (IDR 45.000): Caramel pudding like pie with chocolate rum and raisin icecream and the best of all..those tiny crunchy caramel nougats on the top. Sweet tooth satisfied? Indeed!

At the end of the day, SKYE delivered an ordinary food with extraordinary settings. But again, this was still the restaurants’ premature step to their existence. Will I be back again? Sure thing. Why? Because like my other experiences with the Ismaya restaurants, they always give something new and interesting to offer. And as long as they keep on improving, I do believe that the Skye is the Limit.



Menara BCA-56th Flr.
Jl.M.H. Thamrin No.1 Jakarta
Phone: (021) 5225285


  1. Oh Wow! Did ur pal reserve a table for a weekend dinner and for a large party / possibly in the Private room? Coz to my knowledge, there’s no minimum order if u book for a weekday (lunch/dinner).

    1. Hi Inez,I went there on a weekday for lunch, by reservation. I’ve heard that some people has managed to get a table by walking in (for lunch), but I still think it’s better to reserve by phone first, just to be sure.

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