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A Japanese restaurant with a Massage parlor seems to be a successful venture in Jakarta. Sakura restaurant is one of them. The spacey building located conveniently right next to T.B. Sumatupang toll road. When I went there for a Sunday lunch, the place was quite full with locals and Japanese customers. The service was alright, for the other orders that is, because my order took such a long time, in fact, it wasn’t out until the others had finished their meals.


Tobiko Salad (IDR 38.000): Flying Fish Roe and cucumber salad mixed with mayonnaise. Very good dressing that’s sour and salty,with a hint or sweetness from the mayo.

Kani Potato Salad (IDR 22.000): Potato and crab meat mixed with mayonnaise. Good quality of potatoes, really tasty dressing too.

Ika Teppo Yaki (IDR 34.000): Grilled squid with sweet sauce. It’s good but could be better if they cook it a bit longer.


Gyudon (IDR 65.000): Broiled Australian sirloin with sweet sour sauce, Japanese rice bowl, served with miso soup. The beef was kind of tough for me. But the sauce and other ingredients was good.

Chicken Teriyaki Teishoku (IDR 65.000): Broiled chicken with teriyaki sauce. Fantastic teriyaki sauce. Delicious tender chicken with crispy skin.

Ebi Fry Don (IDR 78.000): Deep fried shrimps on rice bowl. 3 large shrimp tempuras with eggs and sweet an tangy sauce

Negi Kara Miso Chasu Men (IDR 70.000): Noodle,onion,mix sauteed vegetables, 5 slices of pork loin, hot spicy miso soup. My least favorite dish. The soup was bland and almost no taste. The pork was ok,but the noodle was sticky and tasteless too.


Jl. RA Kartini No.9
Jakarta 12440, Indonesia
Phone: (021) 750 2628

Average Spending: IDR 100.000

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