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When we feel like eating ramen, my family and I have been coming to the original Ramen 38 place in Melawai, South Jakarta for quite some time. For me this is still the best one out of the many Ramen 38’s branches all over the city. The restaurant might be small and old styled,but most of the crowds who came here are  expatriats such as Japanese,Korean and locals too.

As usual, the small eatery was packed at lunch time. Like many ramen fast food joint in Japan, the place has a simple interior, purely like a Japanese style outlet.

We ordered the Shiro Ramen (IDR 46.000): Ramen with white sweet bean paste soup, pork/chicken slices.

Aka Ramen (IDR 49.000): Red ramen with spicy soup, pork/chicken slices, eggs and seaweed. The taste is good, but too oily for me.

Tonkotsu Miso (IDR 60.000): Ramen noodle with Tonkotsu (pork marrow bones soup broth) miso flavor soup, with pork/chicken slices.

Tori Kara Age (IDR 35.000): Fried Chicken.

Jigoku Tori Kara (IDR 37.000): Spicy version of Tori Kara Age. More exiciting flavor, kind of like buffalo wings.

All of the ramens have the additional side dishes that you could order such as Corn (IDR 6000), Butter (IDR 7000), Steamed Shoyu flavor eggs (IDR 8000), and you could also choose between curly/original noodles, and how you would like it to be cooked (well done/half done) personally, I prefer it half done, so the noodle will be of a firmer texture and not too soft.

Besides ramens,their menu also consisted of many other dishes such as fried rice, beef teriyaki,etc.


Ramen 38 Kamome

Plaza Kamome 2nd Flr.
Jl. Melawai Raya 189B
Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone : (021) 7280 0268

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  1. This one in Kamome is significantly better than all other Ramen 38s in town, I heard this is their first establishment. I love their karaage btw, haven’t found any place that serves better than theirs!

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