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Kemang is known as an ever-changing area, where new hang out places-such as restaurants, bars, clubs,etc- keep on coming. Hence, it’s a haven for a food blogger such as myself.

I visited Publo not long after I’ve known it’s existence. The building, that used to be a furniture showroom, has transformed into an interesting mansion-like eatery. The fancy looking circle bay windows created the grand gesture. The interior,however, was somewhat disappointing. Cheap wooden furnitures, rock walls,and the sushi bar-like kitchen partition were all over the place. It’s just didn’t fit the rich look I was expecting for.

The menu had many varieties, from Indonesian, Japanese to Italian food. But I followed the recommended dishes which were:

Mushroom Soup (IDR 36.000): Creamy roasted Portabella soup with roasted herb garlic and garlic bread. Good textured soup, noticeably made with real mushrooms. The taste was good but a bit too salty.

Thai Beef Salad (IDR 42.000): Traditional style Thai beef salad with chili, coriander and vinegar dressing. Zesty salad, love the seasonings.

Gorgonzola Beef (IDR 159.000): Baked tenderloin with Gorgonzola cheese with Ratatouille and creamy garlic mashed potato and Rosemary wine sauce. Terrible presentation with standard taste.

Lobster Termidor (IDR 190.000): Baked half Lobster topped with creamy mushroom and Parmesan cheese. Small portion of Lobster. Good taste.

Spinach Fettuccine (IDR 79.000): With spicy tomato basil sauce and grilled Salmon. Disappointing pasta dish. The pasta was overcooked, the sauce tasted like it came out of a jar.

I think overall, Publo’s ‘supposedly’ International food tasted more like Indonesian cooking. In my opinion, it’s an overpriced meal for such a strong fusion, in term of taste & presentation.



Jl.Kemang I No.1 Jakarta
Phone: (021) 719 3455

Average Spending: IDR 200.000

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