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It was a lazy sunday for me, waking up around 11 and having a really late breakfast at home. Later in the afternoon, on my quest to find an appetizing lunch, I noticed a newly-opened cafe, Porto, and decided to give it a try.

Having Red Salad as appetizer really started it all. The veggies and the watermelon is fresh. The sprinkle of sunflower seed on top of the lettuce gives a unique yet nice balance to the taste. Great combination. Followed by the main dish, Papillote Fish was not disappointing at all. It was served to our table still wrapped in alumunium foil which I believe will make the herbs strongly blend in with the steamed fish, and it did. The rice is cooked a little bit pilaf style I would say but with a bit more flavor than I expected. Another entree we ordered is salmon citrus which is also nicely cooked and served with rice topped with spinach and carrot like the papillote.

Beverage-wise, Homer does deliver a combination of sweetness of honey with sourness of mango orange and strawberry. It’s quite good. The Thailandese Green Tea Latte has a sprinkle of brown sugar giving it a nice touch to the presentation. I don’t usually like milk on my green tea, however this one does provide a perfect balance. Even though it’s not my favorite drinks, I can definitely vouch for it as a good green tea latte.

While the price is a bit high, the nice ambience combined with the great food and beverages more than compensate for the price. However, it’s back to each individual guest’s opinion I guess when it comes to pricing.

Jl. Setiabudhi no. 53
Bandung, Indonesia

P. +62 22 204 1993

Average spending: IDR 100,000 – 130,000


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