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Muara Karang, North Jakarta is like the heaven for food lover. You can find any chinese food there, from hawker food, homemade delicacies, to fine dining. One of my favorite there is Pondok Sedap Malam seafood restaurant. They offer many kind of Live seafoods you can think of such as: fishes, clams, crabs, prawns,shrimps, etc, and cook it as you wish: Grilled, fried, steamed, sauteed with Chili paste, etc.

Another fact that you might find interesting is that instead of charcoal/wood, they use Charcos (Coconut Shells Charcoal) to grill the food. For centuries people in Indonesia have recognized the use of coconut shells not only as a natural raw material to produce handicrafts,but also as an alternative and /or supplement to traditional lump charcoal,to improve and prolong the heat produce for cooking. In a BBQ food, the open flame of the grill is what produces the great taste. The food gets charred because of the heat coming from the grate. You can’t beat the flavor that you get from the flickers of fire that are produced from the fat dripping off the seafood. That taste is even more intensified when they use the Charcos grill.

The speciality of Pondok Sedap Malam is the Black Pepper Crabs (IDR 161.000) and this is what you should try. Their black pepper sauce is Superb, and I wasn’t kidding, it’s the Best. Sweet spicy savory marinated crabs that’s so tasty till the last bite. A word of advice, just forget your cholestrol level if you’re here.

Grilled Trevally Fish (Ikan Kwek Bakar) (IDR 52.000): Grilled with sweet soy sauce and spices. Served with sambal terasi (chili sauce)

Grilled Squids (IDR 42.000)

Kangkung Belacan  (IDR 17.000): (Water Spinach cooked with spelt belachan or dried shrimp paste and chili paste.

Fantastic seafood and affordable price, this restaurant gets my two thumbs up for the seafood dining.


Pondok Sedap Malam

Jl.Muara Karang Raya A7 No.177
North Jakarta , Indonesia
Phone: (021) 6697841

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