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Yup, that’s the name. For those of you who doesn’t know the meaning of Perkedel Bondon, perkedel means something like potato patties, while bondon means ehem… hooker or whore. I don’t know why they name it like that. Maybe it’s because they open at night? Or maybe because the place is located in a small street near train station where several of real “bondons” are waiting to be picked up? 😆 Who knows… Anyway, I got there around 10 PM when they just opened up. They open until they run out of their perkedels and usually all the perkedels are sold out around 2 AM. When I got there, there were already about 6 people including me, waiting for the perkedels to be fried and have it for to go. The place itself is not that clean and I was quite sceptical at first. When I got what I ordered (which is 25 of perkedels at IDR 1,500 each), I tried it right away while it’s still hot. It’s basically potato with some onions submerged in hot oil. It’s crispy and tasty. Even though I tried to hold myself as I don’t wanna eat a lot of fried stuff, I eventually put a few of them in my mouth. I’m too embarassed to count how many. And if you wanna know the end of the story, I didn’t get any diarrhea or anything, so I guess it’s not that unhygienic… 😛

Perkedel Bondon
Jl. Stasion No. 23

Price: IDR 1,000/perkedel

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