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Trying to figure out which venue you’ll spend your Friday night can be a little overwhelming. I can’t deny my love for Italian food, so when a friend of mine suggested PEPeNERO, I was the first one to arrived there. The one in Pondok Indah is the first of three branches in Jakarta. The modest designed restaurant has two levels, and the packed eatery showed that after all these years, it’s still loved by the locals, especially the expatriates.

But I wish we could’ve felt some of that love, cause our night there wasn’t too shabby. It took us 2 or 3 times to ask the waitress for the bread basket and extra plates. And we had to personally ask for our empty dishes to be taken away before they serve the other orders. But we didn’t let the bad service ruin our dinner and we still managed to enjoy the food. Here are the things that we ordered:

Zuppa Di Pomodoro: Homemade Creamy Tomato Soup. A bit too sour for my taste,but the ingredients were fresh and delicious. Ossobucco Di Vitella Alla Milanese: Baked Ossobucco beef served with risotto Milanese. Nicely cooked and seasoned risotto,and juicy meat with tasty tomato sauce. The only thing that’s disappointing about this dish was the presentation. Rigatoni Salsiccia Olive e Ricotta: Rigatoni Pasta with Bolognese ragu sauce & Mozzarella on top. Delish dish! Love the sausage,the pasta,the olive pieces and all about it. Salmone Alla Griglia Su Misticianze: Grilled savory Salmon Fillet served with mixed vegetables dressed in mayo-like dressing (chef’s special sauce). An appealing and delectable dish.


Strudel Di Albicocche Amarene: Thick bulky pastry with Apricot & Amarena cherry in the middle,served with vanilla ice cream. I was expecting a Strudel to be crunchy and light, so this dessert didn’t win my vote. The last dessert that we ordered: Torta Della Nonna proved that you can’t really judge the book (in this case -the cake) by it’s cover. Even if it looks lame, the pie- like coating and the pastry cream chocolate filling was scrumptious! It’s a pleasant choice to ended a lovely meal.





Pondok Indah Plaza Pondok Indah 2, Blok BA 25 – 26
 Jl. Metro Pondok Indah (near Citibank), Jakarta
Phone: +62-21 750 0959 



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