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Specialized in Penang/Malaysian cuisine in Jakarta, this family restaurant has become a household name over the many years. With 4 other branches (I still think this original place in Pakubuwono is the best out of the rest) and other establishments, the menu here are constantly improved and evolved, without sacrificing their original taste and dishes.

Penang Hainanese Spring Roll (IDR 26.000): Classic traditional Hainan vegetable and chicken meat roll Penang Style, with Oyster sauce on the side. Delicious, really tasty new appetizer.

Fried Tofu Peranakan Style (IDR 48.000): Deep fried crispy otak-otak / fish cake tofu. Crunchy in the outside, and soft and juicy in the inside, with the sweet sour spicy sauce on the side, it’s just perfect.

Sizzling Beef (IDR 85.000): Stir fried Australian beef with sweet and tangy sauce served in hot plate. Really tender and juicy beef, good and tasty sauce.

Ebi String Bean (IDR 47.000): Sauteed string bean with spicy ebi.

Kangkung Balachan (IDR 42.000): Sauteed morning glory with Malaysian shrimp spicy pesto sauce.

Steam Soon Hock fish/ikan Malas (IDR 270.000): fresh steamed fish, imperial Hong Kong style.

Penang Mee Shua (IDR 43.000): Fried mee shua with fish cakes and eggs, Penang style.

Roti Canai Chicken Curry (IDR 23.000): Indian style crispy pancake with chicken curry dipping sauce. One of their signature dish,must try.

Oatmeal Softshell Crab (IDR 63.000): Fried softshell crab mixed with buttered crunchy oatmeal. Really tasty satisfying sweet and salty crunchy dish.

Mango Chicken (IDR 52.000): Deep fried chicken thigh with special Mango sauce dressing. Good dish, but the mango wasn’t young enough that it lacked the sourness I’d expected.

Black Pepper Beef (IDR 84.000): Australian beef sauteed in Black pepper sauce.

Ayam Goreng Terasi (IDR 53.000): Deep fried balachan-marinated chicken served with Balachan chili sauce. One of my favorite dish,it’s comfort food at the best.


Baked Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream (IDR 38.000): Baked pie filled with apple compote served with Vanilla ice cream. Delicious pastry, but for me it needed more cinnamon and more apple slices.

Ice Kachang (IDR 26.000): Red bean,sweet corn and jelly topped with shaved ice and Rose syrup. The red bean was over powered with the other toppings. It’s more similar to Ice Shanghai rather than Ice Kachang.

Ice Durian chendol (IDR32.000): Durian meat and Chendol (green jelly-like Indonesian traditional dessert, made from starch/rice flour) with ice shavings topping and syrup.


Penang Bistro

Jl.Pakubuwono VI/2
Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone: (021) 7260303


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