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Most of the Southern Jakarta residents would know this restaurant like the back of their hands. Built in 1983, it was originally named Pandora and was well known for it’s bakery and family restaurant. To this day, Pandor still kept it’s loyal customers besides adding new ones. If you are a regular customer, you’ll also notice that the staffs here has also worked their whole life in this restaurant. Maybe that’s one of Pandor’s receipe for success, old family oriented-great management. This  place has two floors, the first floor decorated with all white Dutch style interior and furniture, and the second floor are more like English old style interior. In front of the main door, lies Pandor’s famous bakery. I  could never resist buying some pastries whenever I eat here.

This restaurant has a typical Japanese and European menus, but they continue to readding new menus while keeping their old original dishes. This time I feel like trying on their new main courses.

Caesar Salad (IDR 45.000): Original fresh lettuce, great dressing with crispy garlic bread on the side.

Tempura Udon (IDR 80.000): Cute authentic Pandor udon dish.They serve the noodle dry with the hot soup (in a kettle) on the side. So you pour the soup into the noodle, right before you eat it.

Chicken Gordon Bleu (IDR 85.000): Breaded chicken fillet with smoked beef and cheese in the middle. My kid’s favorite.

Kani Pasta (IDR 95.000): Crispy fried soft shell crab pasta with Japanese style creamy sauce. Delicious!

White Snapper with tomato sauce (IDR 90.000): Fried breaded white snapper with tomato sauce,served with rice and salad on the side. Light and fulfilling at the same time.


Churros Fondue (IDR 40.000): Three Churros with chocolate sauce dipping. Love the churros,but not so much with the dip.



Jl.Wijaya I No. 60.
South Jakarta , Indonesia
Phone: (021)7208351

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