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You might have heard of this new place named PAD @28, located near SCBD area. What’s makes it different from the other dozen new restaurants in Jakarta? The first floor is designed for the smoking area, lounge and bar. Descending seats, from normal dining tables to higher sofa to bar stools creates an effect of fun flirty first level. They also have a small bakery area beside the entrance. Perfect spot for your coffee hour or high tea.

The second floor (the Dining Room) is the non smoking and more family friendly area.  In the weekends, they turn this place into a family friendly place with brunch buffets and kids area with toys to keep your little one occupied while you’re enjoying your meal.

I was seated at the corner table/sofa on the second floor on a Friday night, and I’ve noticed  mirrors of many sizes on the frames on the wall, round sofas in the room accented the area and created a romantic atmosphere to this packed restaurant. Like the meaning of the name PAD@28 (House number 28) this new hip and trendy restaurant gives the warmth and cozy feeling like you’re at home.


Orange Caesar Salad (IDR 55.000): Instead of ordinary caesar dressing, a touch of orange juice were added. It’s refreshing and works really well with the grilled shrimps that accompany the salad.

PAD28 House Salad (IDR 55.000): Zesty Rocket salad with beetroot pickle, confit garlic and pepper.

Four cheese, Truffle oil, Rocket Pizza (IDR 75.000): Crispy baked 4 cheese pizza with rocket salad and truffle oil. A little too salty,but delish none the least.

Pesto Pasta (IDR 65.000): Fettucini tossed in basil pesto sauce with cherry tomato, parmesan flake and grilled prawns.  Al dante pasta, great tasting pesto, juicy prawns. Perfect pasta dish that I’ll be back for more.

Baby Back Pork Ribs (IDR 110.000): Even if the meat were kind of dry, the taste was superb. Worth the try.

Pork Matambre (IDR 125.000): Grill & oven roasted pork super cut.

Wagyu MB-8 Chef’s Special Cut (150 g IDR 325.000/ 250 g IDR 465.000) served with PAD’s 3 signature sauces- Diablo sauce, Chimichuri sauce & PAD28 sauce: Good quality of beef but too bad it’s tasteless, didn’t marinated well enough.

Grilled Salmon (IDR 120.000): 150g Norwegian salmon fillet served with rustic potatos and salad. Fresh fish fillet, fantastic taste, love the potato salad too.


Deconstructed Tiramisu (IDR 60.000): Mascarpone cheese and PAD coffee jelly on a top of homemade ladyfinger. Cute presentation, instead of it’s usual sliced layered cake, the tiramisu here is flat and round. Served with a fresh shot of espresso syrup, the taste was even more extraordinary. For all of you coffee lover, you’ll gonna love this dessert. Strong coffee taste with jelly cubes and crunchy caramel bits. It’ll blow your mind away.

PAD@28 Caramelized Banana Crumble Split Ice Cream (IDR 45.000): With three flavored ice cream and M&Ms on the top, it looks like a kid’s dessert. The bananas were mushy, plus all the sweets topping, it’s just too much stuff on one plate.

Creme Brulee (IDR 40.000): Love this! Rich thin creamy custard with fragrant crunchy caramelized sugar on the top. Superb!

Molten Chocolate Cabernet Sauvignon (IDR 45.000): Soft molten chocolate cake with smooth Cabernet sauvignon liquid chocolate center. Perfect texture cake served with vanilla ice cream. Would make any chocolate lover dance on their seats.

Smart, fun & exciting place to have a great meal. Those might be the words that I use to describe this restaurant.  So if those are the things that you’re looking for, you might fell head over hells for PAD@28 too.


Pad @ 28

Jalan Tulodong Atas 28 Jakarta 12920,Indonesia
Phone: (021) 5274088/ +6221 5274085
Average Spending: Rp 200.000 and above.


  1. Had my eye on the Deconstructed Tiramisu, last time I visited this place, but opted for the Chocolate Cheesecake instead. Now, looking at the photo, I guess the price is worth it 😉

  2. I’m astonished with the amount of food you can take in one visit! Tried the pork belly with some sweet chutney on the side, the sauce was spot on but the pork belly had 80:20 fat to meat ratio which will scare even a non health-concerned peps like me.

    The tiramisu was visually impressive but tastewise didn’t suit my liking (too strong coffee too mild mascarpone). The apple crumble was pretty good, attempted to finish that alone but failed.

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