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I was very curious about this Hotel inspired fine dining place, own by the Bakrie’s family. The building itself located on one of the most up and coming promising area in Jakarta, Kuningan Bakrie Tower. Just across Blue Grass restaurant,you could see Otel Lobby’s big sign.

As soon as I stepped inside, the name speaks to itself. The receptionist area is exactly like a real hotel lobby, complete with the Bellboy’s luggage cart. Beside the unique entrance, the minimalist interior was simple but warm, brighten with natural sunlight coming from the huge windows all around the area.

I was surprised to see that there were very limited choices on the menu.

Apple Salad (IDR 40.000): Roasted sweet potato,local greens with rocket salad plus crunchy thinly sliced apples created all the sweet sour a hint of spicy on the starter. It was quite nice.

Squid Ink Spaghetti (Small size IDR 55.000): Black pasta with seafood and light creamy sauce. I love the al dante pasta and the sauce was also very good.

Crispy Oxtail (IDR 55.000): Fried Oxtail marinated with Black pepper sauce, Bokchoy,steamed rice and separated soup. Good seasoning and soup but the meat on the oxtail was tough.

Roasted Barramundi (IDR 85.000): Mushroom ragout,spinach,strawberry salsa. The Baramundi fillet was very thin, crunchy, good but slightly overcooked.

OTL Meatball (IDR 55.000): Scrumptious meatballs with tomato sauce, parmagiano, crackers. The meatballs were perfectly cooked. Very tasty but tiny size dish.

Seafood Bakmie (IDR 75.000) : Noodle soup with fried soft shelled crab, seafood ball, shrimp toast. Nice touch on the fried black squid ink on the top. The noodle itself was just alright, there’s no element of ‘wow’ on the taste.


Chocolate Souffle (IDR 35.000): I was really dissapointed of the souffle. The texture was too mushy like a mousse.

Donut and Mexican Hot Chocolate (IDR 35.000) : Three donuts (plain,strawberry jam donut,and custard filling donut) with chocolate sauce. Another sad dessert. The donut was weirdly salty, not very good chocolate sauce either.

‘Toblerone’ Puff (IDR 35.000) : Choux Puff, ‘Toblerone’ ice cream, vanilla pastry cream. Very delicious puff pastry with rich filling and fantastic ice cream and chocolate sauce. Finally found something good.

Apart from the whimsical appearances, so far Otel Lobby gave me only a brief fascination, it might be a good place to have a drink and hang out, but maybe not so much for a really fantastic meal.


Otel Lobby

Jl. Epicentrum Tengah South Gate Entrance
The Annex Building of Bakrie Tower
South Jakarta , Indonesia
Phone: (021) 299-41324

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