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Some people might get confused at the beginning when they enter the building for the first time, because the front side of Origin is actually a mini mart selling organic products from body care to food and also some household items that they import from abroad.
When you go inside further, you’ll get to a high ceiling room with a tropical greenhouse like interior which is surrounded by a lot of green plants on the walls creating a serene atmosphere which I’m sure is the designer’s intention as well when they built it.

As for the food, they have 2 organic menus which are organic chicken steak and organic fried rice. I was in the mood for organic stuff, so I ordered Organic Fried Rice (IDR 37.5) and also Chicken Solferino (IDR 60) for the mains. For the side dish, I had Mushroom Fritter (IDR  15). The mushroom fritter and fried rice were quite bland and ordinary. The chicken was a lot better, with good tasting potato underneath. All of their food are actually quite bland but I personally think it is a good thing since they do refrain themselves from using MSG which makes it a tad better than some other restaurants health conscious-wise. When I asked them about MSG stuff, they claim that they use miso instead.

I also ordered Pannacota (IDR 29) for dessert, and not to forget the drinks: Purplevaganza (IDR 35) and Honeydew Paradise (IDR 22) a blend of melon lychee pineapple. The Pannacota’s texture is too pudding-ish for my personal preference, I like it softer but taste wise is still okay nonetheless.

From interior design perspective, Origin delivers a unique and fresh ambience which I think is a good achievement by itself. On the food side, they didn’t really excel in terms of creativity and flavor. However, I have to give them credit for their bold effort serving healthy non MSG menus in Bandung, where everybody still seems to appreciate food with strong taste more than healthy ones.

Origin House & Kitchen
Jl. Sumatera No. 21
Bandung, Indonesia
P: +62 22 423 5935

Average spending: IDR 90,000



  1. Yes Ellyna, agreed 🙂 Unfortunately they only have 2 organic selections on their menu, maybe because the market for healthy organic food is still too small in Bandung. Hopefully they’re gonna add more in the future.

  2. Wow, im in love with this blog! Anyways, just an add, there’s a bistro here in Bandung that also serves an all non-MSG dish. The bistro’s name is Chef’s Table at Jln. Setiabudhi 67. It’s a western bistro, but they also got dimsum on their menu. (this is not an ad btw) :).

    1. Thank you Taya. Oh yeah.. you’re right about Chef Table, they do serve non-MSG dishes as well. I went there before we started this blog haha… during their trial opening if I’m not mistaken.

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