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If you haven’t heard of Negev, I bet you will soon. Just opened 7 months ago, this newborn dining place have already won the hearts of Jakarta’s young hip crowds who take the love for their food seriously. Located in the City Plaza Building, the weekday luncheons are mostly filled with business people. I came here on a Thursday lunch time and the place was very busy, but I was amazed with the service because the waitress was very hands-on and the food was prepared fast. They really managed this eatery well.

The interior of Negev was really artistic and beautiful. The owner of this place must be an art lover/collector because I’ve noticed how they put the element of paintings and three dimensional arts, such as stone, wood and bronze forms, into the large spaced area. A clever way to keep your spirit happy just by being there.

I decided to start my meal with Negev Virgin Mojito (IDR 40.000): Lime juice with sugar /syrup, mint leaves and soda water. Refreshing and not too sweet.

The menu that we ordered:

Caesar Salad with parmesan shaved,crisp thin croutons, bacon bits and homemade classic caesar dressing with  Grilled Chicken (IDR 95.000): Great light and tasty dressing. Delicious grilled chicken all white meat. A fantastic starter.

Grilled Baramundi with Bernaise and BBQ sauce served with roasted potatoes (IDR 135.000): Big portion of fish, great taste, but could’ve pan fried it just a bit more so the fish skin would be crispy.

Creamy mushroom Risotto (IDR 110.000): Mix mushrooms,cream,parmesan cheese,Truffle oil and fresh basil. One of their best dishes.

Veal Stew (IDR 180.000): tender slice veal tenderloin with Gherkin (cucumber), mushroom, potatoes in a creamy sauce, served with walnut bread. Rich and fulfilling dish.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio (IDR 75.000): Garlic,olive oil,parsley,parmesan and dry chili. Perfectly seasoned, al dente pasta, might be a bit hot for those who have sensitive taste buds,but it just made me love it even more.


Assortment on Ice cream and Sorbets (IDR 50.000): Colorful, fun presentation with the pieces of fruits, a stick of cookie, coconut marshmallow and thin meringue. It’s happiness in your mouth.

Molten Chocolate (IDR 50.000): I know you might feel sick of the idea of molten chocolate cakes by now, but this one is different. They add a touch of jalapeño in the chocolate, so the taste is hot, sweet, and tangy at the same time. A burst of flavor that will freshen you up after all of the heavy main courses.

Sounds too good to be true? May be you should find out yourself. 🙂



City Plaza Building GF (Next to Blowfish)
Gatot Subroto No. 42
Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: (021) 529 71 333

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  1. i have found it out. everything’s just perfect, except the taste of the food, totally disappointing tbh, from starters to desserts, overpriced for a really average taste, trust me u can make all the menu better (no offense), nothing’s really good even the recommended ones, but cud be a cool hangout place for a drink with your friends.

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