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It was during one short visit to Plaza Senayan when I dropped by Monolog for the third time this year. Ambience-wise, it was no question I love this outlet for the layout and location, and the simple industrial interior that makes it homey…at least for me.

The visit for a coffee break quickly turned into a heavy lunch as I cannot resist myself to order some of the menu there. I started it with its breakfast set: Sunrise Breakfast Set (IDR 74) – an all day breakfast set with 2 eggs any style, a slice of ham, whole wheat toast, beef bockwurst, potato, and sauteed mushroom. It was an overall good breakfast. I, then, continued with Baked Stuffed Salmon Teriyaki (IDR 88), a fresh and tasty dish. Salmon was cooked just right, with stuffed vegetables (cheese, spinach, bacon, mashed potatoes, peas) inside, which are good combination balanced with the sweetness of the teriyaki sauce. Finishing off the meal with French Toast with Fruit Parfait (IDR 42) with nothing better to expect, I was completely blown off by the extremely soft and yummy french toast. Honestly, it was one of the really good one that I’ve tried.

The drinks Blue Banana – mix of blueberry, banana and pear (IDR 48) & Lychee Flavored Iced Tea (IDR 32) in general were quite good. No complains there, especially the Orange Caramel Latte (IDR 45).

It’s one of those cafes that has the elements to attract people to come back there again and again. Including me obviously 😛

Monolog Quality Coffee Co.
Plaza Senayan Level 1 CP 101 B, Palm Gate Entrance
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Jakarta, Indonesia

P: +62 21 572 5144
Twitter @monologcoffee

Average Spending per Person: IDR 115.000


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