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With so many Japanese fusion restaurants or cafes popping out like wild mushrooms, as Japanese food enthusiast, I sometimes miss the more authentic ones. Ones that are quite hard to find now in Bandung.

Mikawa, located hidden from the main street, is one of a few restaurant that serves such food. During my latest cravings last month, I decided to go there for a late dinner. The interior of the restaurant gave you the feel of a small restaurant in Japan. Most of the patrons are actually Japanese expats living in Bandung. As a matter of fact, we were the only locals there at that time :oops:, besides the waitresses. I also saw the japanese owner who’s also the the head chef there chit chatting while entertaining the japanese guests.

Following recommendations from the waitress, I ordered kantekyaki, agedashi tofu, hohrensohohitashi, nasudengaku and shake ochasuke with tea broth.
Kantekyaki, being their most favorite dish there, is grilled beef slice served with a dipping sauce. The beef is really tender and the sauce is perfect. It’s no wonder why so many people like it.
– The Agedashi Tofu‘s skin is crunchy and a bit gooey at the same time, the way agedashi supposed to be.
– The Hohrensohohitashi isΒ spinach cooked in shoyu sauce, fresh and well balanced.
Nasudengaku is one nasu-based dish that I like besides nasumiso. Nice and tasty dish. It reminded me of Furaibo’s nasumiso in LA outlet, my first love experience with nasu or eggplant πŸ™‚
– and the last dish is Shake Ochasuke, my regular favorite and it’s not disappointing at all. You can choose either tea or dashi for the broth. I chose tea and actually it’s a bit bland so I suggest dashi for more flavor.

Overall, it was a successful trip to quench my thirst for authentic traditional Japanese food. The food is great with the ambience of the traditional style restaurant that helped complete my experience there.
If you are an aficionado of japanese food, Mikawa is surely one place you shouldn’t miss.

Jl. Sukataja II no 32, Ruko Bumi Sukaraja
P: +62 22 6073983

Average spending: IDR 90,000 – 140,000


  1. I’m so looking forward to go to this place. Any info on its whereabouts in Bandung, like in/near which area?

    Anyways, great blog! Been using it as a ref for nice restos, haha! πŸ˜€

    1. Thank you Fachri, it’s been our pleasure πŸ˜€ It’s actually near the Pasteur tollgate exit, if you’re coming from Jakarta. When you exit from Pasteur, make a sharp right turn, and when you got to Istana Pasteur, choose the left intersection and go straight from there. It should be on the right side. It’s a hidden small place located in a complex, so you can’t see it right away from the street.

  2. Welcome! And thank you for the directions haha, it was actually rather easy to find following your directions πŸ™‚ I tried everything you put up for review here except for the agedashi tofu and chazuke (which I usually order at japanese joints); you’re right, they are really good! I also tried some of their sashimi and the fish looked and tasted really fresh!

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