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I recently went to Makan Makan restaurant, a big three storage building that specialized in Sundanese cuisine. The basement and the second floor are saved for large party events, while the main floor is where the normal dining tables are. The all white interior decor was clean and simple. Large floating empty frames added a playful touch to the surroundings.

Comro (IDR 15.000): Deep fried cassava stuffed with oncom. The oncom was very delicious and flavorful.
Tahu Goreng Kipas (IDR 15.000): Deep fried bean curd with shrimp, vegetables and mushroom filling. Served with shredded green chili and soya bean sauce. Good textured tofu, tasty filling too.

Udang Goreng Wijen (IDR 58.000): Deep fried sesame king prawn. Another delicious dish that’s simple yet satisfying. Love the crunchy and sweet sesame coating on the shrimps.

Tumis Kangkung Belacan (IDR 25.000): Sauteed leafy vegetable with fermented shrimp. Amazing Belacan made an amazing kangkung dish.

Ikan Gurame Goreng (IDR 63.000): Deep fried carp fish served with vegetable and sambal mangga (mango chili paste). Good quality of fresh fish.

Ayam Mercon (IDR 25.000): Marinated diced chicken sauteed with herbs and spices. Even though it didn’t look much, the chicken was yummy. It’s crunchy, salty, spicy and addicting.

Es Campur (IDR 25.000): Shaved ice with jackfruit, kolang-kaling (Arenga pinnata fruit), cincau hitam (black grass jelly), agar jelly, selasih (basil seeds), cassava tapai, brown sugar or cocopandan syrup and condensed milk.

Pisang Goreng Madu (IDR 15.000): Fried banana with honey, chocolate, and shredded cheese on the top.
Makan Makan

Makan Makan

Jl.Wijaya 1 no 81
South Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone: (021) 72795607

Average Spending: IDR 60.000

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