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Located on the newly formed ‘Beauty’ 4th floor, Madame Lily looks mesmerizing with Grey and White colored theme, the mini crystal chandeliers added the sparkled accent. I was intrigued by the high tea selection on the menu, but because it was lunch time, I had to hold that thought for some other time.

The food was mostly Indonesian and some fusion between Indonesian and Italian and Western style. I went ahead with the choices that my friend suggested:

Selection of Dips (IDR 65.000): Nachos with 6 kinds of dipping sauce: 2 kind of Cheeses dips, Sour cream, Salsa, Guacamole and Jalapeno. The Tortilla chips were too thick and hard. The sauces was regular.

Spaghetti Sambal Matah (IDR 54.500): Italian spaghetti fused with authentic Balinese sambal. Even if the idea was brilliant, the taste wasn’t as much. It lacked the blasting effect on the taste I was looking for. It was just bland.

Nasi Gudeg (IDR 65.000): Rice with Gudeg (a traditional food from Yogyakarta and Central Java, Indonesia which is made from young Nangka /Jack fruit boiled for several hours with palm sugar, and coconut milk), Opor ayam (Indonesian Chicken curry), hard-boiled egg, and a stew made of crisp beef skins (sambal goreng krecek). This dish was quite good. The Gudeg was very tasty. It’s worth to try.

Cream Dori (IDR 85.000): Pan fried Dori fillets on square puff pastry, served with creamy sauce. This is a very good dish. The puff pastry was a bit bulky for me, but it’s still saved by the tasty sauce.


Warm Tape Bread Pudding (IDR 42.500): Warm bread pudding with Tape / fermentation cassava served with Vanilla ice cream. Not a very good dessert. Couldn’t taste the Tape, and the pudding was too boring.

Chocolate Lava Cake (IDR 55.500)served with Vanilla ice cream: I had better.

Honey Comb Crunch Cake (IDR 40.500): This is ‘The Cake’ that you’ve got to try! It’s a heavenly Vanilla layered cake with light butter cream in between, and the best part of all is the Honeycomb crunchy pieces they put on the top. It added the marvelous caramel-like crunch and the combination just blew my mind away! I’ll definitely return here just for this cake.


Madame Lily

Plaza Indonesia Lt. 4,Beauty Floor
Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone: (021) 29923868


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