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Looks familiar? You’re right, the interior and also the food style reminded me of Potato Head. So they definitely lack of originality in those areas. But what about the taste of the food itself?

For starters, we ordered Gratine Escargot served with toasted garlic bread (IDR 35.000) Jill’s Homemade Nachos (IDR 29.000) and Tom Yam Goong soup (IDR 25.000). As French cuisine aficionado, I always enjoy a good escargot. And this one is pretty good. The escargot is cooked well, but I expect more aroma and flavor thou. The juicy and tender champignon mushroom that served as the bowl of each of the escargot, complimented the whole meal. However, the nachos despite its alright taste is not what we expected. It’s more like potato chip glazed with sweet and spicy sauce. The tom yam soup is kinda on the standard western restaurant level but lacking the freshness of spices commonly used in authentic thai’s version.

As for the main course, we tried Grilled Baramundi (IDR 55.000) served with potato risotto, sauted green asparagus, tomato salsa and lemon butter sauce. Luckily this time, the baramundi was fresh and perfectly cooked, unlike the baramundi that we have had during our previous visit, a bit overcooked and there were fish bone and lemon seed that should have been cleaned up before being served to the table. The smart combination of the risotto, asparagus and the salsa enhanced the flavor and made it an overall better dish.
Other than the baramundi, we also had Salmon Steak (IDR 85.000) which was also being served with the same sides but with almond butter sauce. If you like salmon better, then salmon steak is the way to go. It’s nicely cooked as well.
Another delightful surprise came from Grilled Rib Eye Steak -served with assorted vegetable, sweet mashed potato, herb butter and choice of red wine sauce with a price tag of IDR 120.000. The medium well rib eye was so tender with a perfect blend of sauce left a lingering smile decorating my face.
From the pasta section, we tried the recommended Rigatoni Alla Boscaiola – rigatoni pasta with white cream, smoked beef, green peas, mushroom and parmigiano cheese. At the price of IDR 40.000, it was not disappointing at all. The rigatoni was cooked just right, definitely a great choice for pasta lovers.
The Wagyu Beef Burger with fries (IDR 75.000) and the Indonesian Oxtail Soup (IDR 55.000) did not give much surprise. They were just plain ordinary, easily forgotten.

After a big meal like that, we only have small spare left in our tummy. We went for Apple Crumble with Vanilla Sauce (IDR 30.000). No complain on the crumble. It’s a decent one to have in a restaurant. However, it’s not special either.

With so many beverage choices, we were actually a bit confused on what to order. We selected a few drinks finally based on both the waiter recommendation and our personal choices.
Kiranass (IDR 33.000), pineapple juice blended with yoghurt, vanilla bean and honey and garnished with chocolate flakes. It’s refreshing.. Like it.
Passion Grapefruit Iced Tea (IDR 30.000), Vanilla iced coffee (IDR 30.000), Cucumber Cooler (IDR 30.000), Talaga bodas (one of their best seller at IDR 33.000), Energyzer (IDR 30.000) and a pot of Camomile Tea. The winner of the pack would be Kiranass and Passion Grapefruit iced tea. They have good flavor balance and creative mix that makes it both refreshing and interesting to look at.
On the downside, there is no second refill on the hot tea though. It’s a one time refill just like at pizza e birra. What a bummer.

Conclusively, I feel that they’re doing a pretty good job on the ambience despite its originality, and on the food and all. However, there are some areas that I think can be better especially on the food and drinks.

Jl. Talagabodas No. 33
P +6222 7311123

Average Spending per person: IDR 100,000 – 120,000

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