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Little Sheep Chinese Shabu-shabu is not just an ordinary shabu shabu place. Developed from the traditional Mongolian cooking since Genghis Khan’s era, the soup broth is made from dozens of Chinese herbs such as Longans, Angelicas and CaoGuo. The idea of the base was created to cook lamb/mutton so that the meat slices are tender after a long time of serving, and full of flavor without any other dipping sauce.

We ordered the Half and Half soup base which are both the House special sauce and House special spicy broth. With many chinese herbs on the soup, the look and the smell of it was extraordinary. It reminded me of the Chinese herb soups that my late grandma used to cooked at home. The cooked meat plus the combination of the spices and the herbs really brought out the strong flavor unlike the other shabu-shabu dishes I’ve ever tasted. I could imagine how wonderful to eat this kind of dish if you’re living in another part of the world that has a cold winter season. And I wished that they put more stronger ACs in this restaurant. The only down side of this meal was that it’s loaded with MSGs (like most of Chinese dishes are).

Besides the shabu-shabu, I also tried the Beef Lamien Noodle with minced beef and beef balls (IDR 35.000): Wow, the noodle here was very good as well! Love the perfect texture of the lamien and the seasoning as well. But too bad the beef balls weren’t that interesting.

Mango Pudding (IDR 20.000):Nothing special about it.

If you’re looking for a unique eating experience that’s good for your body, Little Sheep Chinese Shabu2 is the place you should visit.


Little Sheep Chinese Shabu-Shabu

BRI II Center Park 7th Flr. Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 42-43
Jakarta 10210 – Indonesia
Phone: (021) 57853365


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