Author: Chic Eater

At first glance of its interior when I entered this restaurant, I noticed a strong resemblance with Kitchenette at Grand Indonesia, especially on the pantry cabinets decorating its walls and the open kitchen concept. Aside from the fact that the concept is not original, the overall ambience is actually quite alright.

Culinary-wise, they do have some good sets of menu. We started the lunch with soups, Chicken Cream Soup (IDR 18) and The Edge Soup (IDR 20). For creamy soup aficionado, the taste and the thickness of the soup was just right. As for the edge soup, it’s more the experience and the presentation of eating three different soup a spoon at a time that intrigued me. It’s quite refreshing for someone who appreciates culinary adventure like I do. The garlic bread was disappointing thou. It’s tough and soggy.

One of the mains that we ordered is Skewer of Beef Bockwurst Sausage (IDR 46). It’s just plain ordinary. The bockwurst sausages were not juicy. What a let down. We also ordered Grill Norway Salmon (IDR 98). While the presentation was good, the salmon itself was a bit overcooked and the taste was a bit bland.

As a butter rice lover, I have to give two thumbs up for its Pesto chicken and Mushroom Butter Rice (IDR 32). Good work Chef! As for the Beef Stewed Butter Rice (IDR 32), unfortunately the beef is a bit tough. Beef Patties and Egg (IDR 32), as simple as it looks, tastes good and yummy.

For the drinks, we had Caramel Latte (IDR 21), Peach Tea (IDR 17), Lychee Mojitos (IDR 23) and Papaya Orange (IDR 15). All drinks are quite good with good attention to presentation and taste quality.

Honestly, I would say my experience there is quite standard. Alright ambience with alright food and beverages. Would I come again for a meal?  Yeah.. I guess I occasionally would.

Le Marly Pantry
Jl. Citarum No. 10
Bandung, Indonesia
P. +62 22 7273533

Average spending: IDR 80,000

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