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When I first stepped inside Moovina, my curiosity was piqued by the finely designed restaurant, but at the same time I’ve also learned my lesson for setting such a high expectation on the quality of food, of such a marvelous eatery like this, especially when it’s just open to public for only about a week.

The concept of this place is nothing less than fancy. The first level- Le Jardin,Moovina- is the less expensive, more comfort food. It’s not designed to entertain large group, but the garden styled interior decor was refreshing and new. They even placed a tiny flower shop right inside the restaurant. How cute was that!

The second level- Mezzanine, Moovina, was more designed for formal crowds. The menu was French Vietnamese and much heavier meals. But that could wait for another day. Today I went on to try the Le Jardin, Moovina.
Salade Verte (IDR 60.000): Assorted greens in mustard dressing. The sourness of the mustard,plus salt and pepper  was kinda intense, but refreshing nonetheless.
Buffalo Pizza (IDR 70.000): Thin crusted pizza with tomato, D.O.P buffalo mozzarella and basil toppings.The tomato sauce was sour and overpowering the cheese. But the crust was good.
Funghi pizza (IDR 80.000): Thin pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella,sauteed mushroom, and garlic truffle oil. Unfortunately,there wasn’t any trace of truffle oil on the flavor.
Lasagne (IDR 80.000): Baked lasagna with minced beef, tomato sauce and parmigiano. Not a very good lasagna. The pasta layers were too thick and the taste wasn’t memorable.
Penne Estate (IDR 70.000): Penne pasta with cherry tomato, chili, pecorino cheese and rocket salad. Good pasta, average sauce.
Poulet Monsieur (IDR 55.000): Mustard, chili marinated chicken and comte cheese on ciabatta bread served with stick fries. The presentation was tempting, but the taste wasn’t. The chicken tasted nothing out of ordinary, the sauce was bland,the only thing that’s good about this meal was the fries.
Cheesecake Souffle (IDR 55.000): Love this dessert. Very light cheesecake with strawberry sauce on top.

Nougat Glace (IDR 45.000): Honey and caramelized almond iced cake, served with red berries coulis. Fantastic creamy crunchy cake with a sweet and sour layer of red berry- jelly like- on the top.

Le Jardin-Moovina
Plaza Indonesia 3rd Flr. #119
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta Pusat
Phone: (021) 2992 3999
 Average Spending: IDR 150.000


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