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I was in the mood of eating at a hawker center in Singapore that day, and a cab driver told me about Lau Pa Sat festival market and what they sell over there. So we decided to visit it.

This place is divided in two sections, inside and outside the building. The building itself is an old historical building, and there are a lot of stalls inside the building selling many different kinds of food. When we got there around 10 in the evening, most of the stalls were already closed or almost closed with cranky attitude stall owners, while, on the other hand, the seats outside the building were just starting to fill up. Outside, they mainly offered satays and seafood dishes for the late night visitors.

Since one of my party does not eat seafood that much, we went for the alternative. We ordered several kinds of satays from two different stalls. First we went to stall number 8, then we also ordered  some from stall number 9 since they have more varieties of satay like seafood and liver satays. Overall stall number 8 delivered bettter grilled satay that are not overcooked and better sauce.  Food aside, I think the main attraction of late night visit to Lau Pa Sat was really the experience of eating satays and drinking beers at the outdoor settings.

Lau Pa Sat Festival Market
18 Raffles Quay

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