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I went to Koi Restaurant and Gallery – Kemang a few years back when they were still resided in the old building, down at Kemang Raya 56. Since then the place has moved and grown – from a modest sized restaurant with a gallery next to it – to a 3 stories building with a Restaurant on the first floor, Gallery on the second floor, and huge Function room (large enough to fit until 200 people) in the third level.

When I went to Koi last weekend, the place was crowded, but not too bad for a Friday night, and they still welcome the walk-ins. I immediately fell for the ambiance of this place. The interior wasn’t spectacular, but it still gave a cozy comfy romantic feeling about it that made you want to stay a bit longer in this place. The white bricked walls are decorated with blackboards with wine lists and menu writings, wooden furnitures and wine shelf. Side tables with sofas added the warmth to it.

The smoking area in the middle was equip with a long bar and TV sets for the sports watchers. But what really caught my eyes were the futuristic blue-lighted cube seats in between the coffee tables. The blue effect created more relaxing athmospere to the lounge area.

Now I’m curious about the food here. I’ve been to brunch and lunch some time ago, but never to dinner in this place. The service was satisfying, the waitress was very helpful and have a good knowledge about the menu. They have such a variety of fusion menu here, from foie fras to nasi goreng. All looked yummy.

Cheese Souffle with spinach and mushroom (IDR 65.000): Soft fluffy cheese soufflé, creamy fragrant spinach and mushroom. Good starter,but in need of a touch of salt.

Linguini Salmon (IDR 90.000): Creamy pasta with celery and coffee wood smoked Salmon. At first taste, this pasta was bland and the strong smell of the Salmon over ruled the dish. But when I ate it together with the crunchy celery and the salty smoked salmon, the taste starting to made sense. The celery actually neutralized the fish smell. It might not be a fantastic meal, but it was an interesting one.

Baramundi Cherry Tomato and Polenta (IDR 95.000): Grilled Baramundi served with mashed potato like-Polenta (finely ground yellow cornmeal). A standard dish for such a price.


Mille Feuille (IDR 40.000): Thin layers of crispy pastry with cream and chocolate ganache served with vanilla ice cream and custard sauce. Delicious Must Try dessert! I love the extra crunchy pastry, the not too sweet creamy layer,and the rich chocolate at the bottom. Fantastic!

Honestly, this is one of those restaurants that I really need to revisit because I believe that they have  more to offer than those dishes I had today.



Jl. Kemang Raya No 72 
South Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone +62 21 719 5668



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