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Bangka is an island lying east of Sumatra, Indonesia.  Inhabitants of the island are composed of two groups: those descended from the Malay and those descended from the Chinese. That’s why the traditional Bangka food were also influenced of both Malay-Indonesian and Chinese style cooking.

I had the chance to try Kampoeng Bangka restaurant in South Jakarta this weekend. The 3 stories green building had a touch of old Bangka’s traditional residences, which have  distinctive designs of Dutch/colonial style. The black and white tiles on the floor gave a nice touch to the simple look.

There’s a big counter in the center of the restaurant where they sold  all kinds of delicacies from the island. From kerupuk Bangka (fish cracker), cookies,c andies, to the traditional cooking spices, you could find it all here.

I recommend to come here on lunch time, because when I was there for dinner, they’ve already ran out of the otak otak, empek empek (fish cakes) and some other the most like able dishes. It seemed like on weekends,especially at lunch time, the place would always packed.

The eatery has two different menus, one for the authentic Bangka cooking, and the other for the Chinese Bangka food. Most of them were seafood dishes, but there were also chicken and beef cooking available.

Ikan Tenggiri Bakar/ Spanish Mackerel (IDR 125.500): Fresh grilled fish with a side of sambal. Simple but beautiful dish.

Lempah Darat Buah Pepaya (IDR 20.500): Sweet,salty, and hot soup made with young Papaya slices,cooked with Terasi/ shrimp paste,shallots,chili padies, and  other spices.

Lempah Iga Daun Dondong (IDR 45.500): Sweet, spicy and tangy beef ribs soup with the natural sourness of the daun Dondong/Sour Jamaican Plum leaves.

Pancet Tiga Rasa, 2 ounces (IDR 71.000): Three flavors Prawns, sauted with sweet and sour sauce,served on a hot plate, tasted like chinese style cooking. Tempting,delicious, savory dish.

Sambal Goreng Ati (IDR 18.500): Traditional Indonesian cooking of chicken/beef liver, pan fried with shallots, garlics, red chilis,bay leaves,lemon grass,coconut milk.

Sambal Mangga Muda (IDR 15.000): Slices of young green mango condiment. Great to be eaten with seafood.

Sate Ayam Bangka (IDR 30.500): Chicken satay, similar to Jakarta’s satay. It’s a shame that the chicken wasn’t cooked well enough.

Urab Urab Bangka (IDR 21.500): Vegetable salad with shredded coconut and other spices.


Kue kacang ijo (IDR 5000): Fried mung bean /green bean paste.

Kue Ipuk Ipuk (IDR 15.000): Fried cake with coconut jam filling.

Es Kacang Merah (20.900): Red beans on shaved ice, syrup,and condensed milk.

Kampoeng Bangka

Jl. Panglima Polim No. 102
Blok M, Kebayoran Baru,
Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: (021) 739-2344

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  1. Baru pernah denger sate ayam Bangka, padahal orangtuaku asal Bangka, rasa-rasanya ga pernah denger soal sate ayam Bangka, hehe.

    Makanan Bangka yang enak & authentic di Jakarta harus cari di daerah-daerah yang banyak orang Bangka-nya misalnya Jelambar, Tanjung Duren tapi banyakan itu di rumah-rumah kecil, jadi gak gampang dicari 🙂

    Paling enak dari Bangka adalah kerupuknya, tahu cao, dan babi panggangnya, should try kalo boleh makan non-halal 😀

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