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I went to Jack Rabbit for a Friday lunch and the restaurant was quite full of business people. The rectangular place has a long bar and lounge in site. Up above, you can see the capsule shaped- golden decorated walls-private room on the second floor.

For lunch time, they only serve limited menu, some were lunch set menus and the rest were ala carte, with drinks (ice tea/coffee) included.

I ordered the plain Caesar Salad as a starter, but instead I ended up with another kind of salad with grilled chicken (IDR 60.000): The look of this Caesar  Salad was unusual. Arugula/rocket salad leaves, button mushrooms and baby tomatoes were on the plate instead of lettuce. The dressing was more like Vinaigrette and was not creamy at all. It looked and tasted more like a Garden Vinaigrette salad. I thought they must’ve brought the wrong order. But when I asked the waitress about it, she insisted that it was indeed a Caesar salad. So I’ve decided not to argue anymore about it.

Chicken ‘Cajun Style’ Wrap (IDR 75.000): Chicken fillet, flour tortilla, with fresh salad and potato chips. The wrap tasted flat and dry. The chips were insanely salted. And I was talking about literary salt piles on the chips! What were they thinking?!

Aglio Alio Pasta (IDR 80.000) with mushroom and chicken: I took a bite and couldn’t continue anymore. The pasta was completely tasteless and bland. It was just sad, there’s nothing good about it.

BBQ Pork Spare Ribs (IDR 95.000) with potato wedges, lemon wedges and orange mixed salad: Fine quality of pork, but sadly, the sauce was just sitting there on the top and the meat wasn’t thoroughly marinated.

Black Angus Sirloin (IDR 85.000) with Tomato Provencale, Potato O’brien : Boring and lame tasting steak, not worth the price.

By this time I’ve already loose hope of Jack Rabbit. But the last dish that I ordered was quite alright. Chicken Quesadillas (IDR 69.000) : Finally something that is consumable! Great tortilla with good tasting chicken, cheddar cheese, jalapeño and guacamole.


Apple Pie (IDR 48.000): Nice presentation of the pie, tasted good too.

Baked Lava Cake (IDR 48.000): Sunken looking chocolate cake but nice touch on the cute chocolate bunny. The chocolate was bitter sweet, I like it.

To tell you the truth,I was really disappointed of Jack Rabbit today. This wasn’t my first visit here and the way I remembered, the food here wasn’t outstanding, but at least it was decent. I’ve heard that some time ago, Jack Rabbit’s original celeb chef, Chef Juna Rorimpandey, has left the kitchen, nevertheless it was still such a shock that an eatery with such a widespread reputation, could go from YAY to NAY in less than two years. This was one of the most overrated restaurants in the city, and now it’s just one of those- Easy to forget and Hard to remember – dining place.


Jack Rabbit

Cyber 2 Building.
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said X 5 No. 13. Jakarta
Phone: ( 021) 2902-1357

Average Spending : IDR 150.000 and above


  1. Hmmm.. should ask the manager or the chef if you have a doubt of the Ceasar salad.

    The last time I visited that place, I wasn’t impressed with the food.

  2. Well.. I was with a bunch of my friends & just didn’t want to make a fuzz about it. But u’re right, I should’ve asked about the salad.

  3. hey posh (u kinda look like victoria beckham ha? kidding)
    yep, couldn’t more agree with u! just a friend of negev overrated for an average taste.

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