Author: Posh Eater

Illuminare, what an intriguing name, so I thought. From the outside, the blue logo restaurant was really illuminating and interesting, too bad I can’t say the same about the interior. The all Maroon colored walls, bad lighting, gave the restaurant a gloomy feeling. I went there on a Saturday night, and there was a live band performing, the noise overwhelmed the small restaurant. Beside that, the service was really good and the waitress had a profound understanding about the menu.

This restaurant has a colorful and variety of delicious Italian menu (they also offer lots and lots of other things like sandwiches, rissotos, etc) that weren’t cheap on the price, but in my opinion, the whole ambiance of the place didn’t really matched the food. Aside from that I was still eager to try on their dishes.

Insalata di Pollo Caesar (IDR 50.000):  Average presentation, but the taste was Superb. Perfectly seasoned dressing, creamy with a hint of sourness that added the freshness to the taste. To added the Plus, fragrant and tasty grilled chicken, even the garlic bread like- croutons was extremely good (not dry like usual).

Insalata di Buffalo Mozzarella (IDR 59.500): Good quality,delicious salad,bad avocado (it’s bitter).

Spaghetti Black Ink with grilled scallop (IDR 185.000): The spaghetti was cooked a bit too long, but the taste was good. Generous amount of squid ink was poured on the black pasta with the tasty fresh seafood on the top.
Pizza alla Griglia di Pollo con Pancet ta Croccante di Turchia (IDR 72.000): Disappointing pizza, the crust -that was supposed to be the most important thing on a pizza- was too dry and tough.
Filetto alla Griglia di Aus (IDR 225.500): Really good,tender and juicy beef. Not a fan of the sticky mashed potato.



Wolter Monginsidi No 3
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta

Phone: (021) 720 6366

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