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I’ve heard of this Bandung originated restaurant for quite some time now, but since I haven’t had the chance to visit the original place, I was eager to stop by Hummingbird’s Jakarta branch that was just open in Kuningan City.

The restaurant was a breath of fresh air inside the still empty, large, newly opened mall. I don’t know what, but it seemed like, there’s a big fascination in about anything bird related theme-this days. The design of the restaurant was a mirror reflection of the name. Huge birdcages seats and Hummingbird painted walls played a big part of this restaurant’s giant appeal. You’ll immediately be curious to go in there.

After we’ve settled in our seats, the restaurant was packed in no time. It seems like many people was already ‘caught’ in Hummingbird’s cage (and I meant that in a good way). The service was nice, but too bad there were many things in their menu that weren’t available, and unfortunately there wasn’t any desserts available yet. (Sobsss..)

Thai Beef Salad (IDR 39.500): Salad with lemongrass marinated beef. Good portion of salad, the beef was sweet and juicy (tasted like satay). The dressing was okay,but needed more zest.

Hover Wings (IDR 32,500): Garlic spiced chicken wings dipped in Thai chili sauce. Wasn’t a fan of this one, the chicken was fried with Sago Flour/ starch, the taste wasn’t near my liking.

Nana’s Homemade Corned Beef Rice (IDR 39.500): Stir fried corned beef with rice and served with a fried- sunny side up-egg, lalapan (salad) and Emping crackers. This fried rice was quite good, it’s simple but fulfilling.

Volcano Tuna (IDR 39.500):  Spaghetti cooked in spicy Aglio Olio topped with melted Mozzarella. I guess I shouldn’t be expecting too much from this, the taste was average, the pasta was slightly overcooked and too oily.

Grilled Homemade Sausage (IDR 59.500): Tender sausage served with mushroom sauce and chunky grilled mushrooms. Honestly, the presentation of this dish wasn’t great, but I was still curious to taste it. Sadly, the taste didn’t help either, the sausage was too fatty and smelled funny.

I hope Hummingbird’s unsatisfying presentation today was only a part of it’s ‘baby bird’ step to improve more. I think Jakarta’s crowds are more harder to please than in Bandung. But with the excellent price (super cheap) and the super cute ambiance, Hummingbird could surely soar higher in Jakarta.


Hummingbird Eatery

Jl.Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 18
Setiabudi, Kuningan City
Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: (021) 30056370

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