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I’ve heard so many good things about this famous French high-end cuisine, so much so that on my latest trip to Singapore, I make sure I visit Gunther. Located on a small street of Purvis, the restaurant outside look was simple yet alluring. Dark grey dining room with paintings, classic elegant and romantic ambiance surround the place. The service was also a top notch.

Besides the menu, we were also offered the fresh catches of the day which included royal worthy seafood choices such as: Bamboo Clams, Scallops, Blue Lobster, Wagyu beef, etc.

The choice went to:

Grilled scallop w truffle (S$ 63.00): One big piece of sweet savory fresh scallop grilled with garlic, topped with generous amount of truffle.

Cold angel hair pasta with Oscietra caviar (S$60): Homemade delicious simple pasta with the extra ordinary salty caviar. Expensive look that’s also served rich in your mouth.

Blue Lobster with angel hair truffle pasta (S$150.00): Fresh blue lobster (from the deep sea) cooked perfectly with wine buttery sauce that sparked in my mouth. The natural sweetness of the lobster meat, a touch of salt (not too salty) and the richly fragrant smell of the Truffle blended well with the simple delicious angel hair pasta. It’s a superb meal to be experienced.

Grilled Wagyu beef w truffle (S$ 220.00): Thinly sliced extra juicy and tender beef that melted in your mouth.


After all those effortless dishes, I’d expected the dessert to be as perfect, but I was quite dissapointed with the Chocolate Souffle (S$ 20.00). The texture was mushy like mousse, wasn’t likeable. As a dessert fanatic I was trully sad.


If you ask me if this restaurant worth the penny or not, I guess it’s all comes back to you as a customer. How much do you willing to spend for a meal? For me, even if the dessert was dissapointing, Gunther’s incredibly fine cuisine, had me at “Starter”.



Talib Centre
36 Purvis St.
Phone: +65 6338 8955

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