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Most of us (especially ladies) has fallen in love with Korean culture since their TV drama series swapped the nation a few years back. Since then, the traditional cuisine from this country has reach it’s popularity especially in South Jakarta area. Gojumong Korean restaurant was opened in 2009 and since then has built it’s own regular customers (Korean, locals, and others). As the place’s signature dish is the Korean BBQ, each table are built with grill and exhaust system.

Each Korean meal includes anywhere from 2 to 12 side dishes (Banchan). And here you’ll find that they have authentic delicious varieties of Banchan to enjoy such as Kimchi, Yang Baechu (spicy Korean coleslaw), braised tofu, Sigumchi Namul ( Korean seasoned spinach),Gaeran Tchim (steamed egg), and many more.

I ordered 3 kinds of meat to grill: Wagyu Yangnyum Galbi Sal 9+ (IDR 200.000): Salty seasoned Wagyu Rib Boneless 9+, Saeng Galbi Sal (IDR 220.000): Prime Short Rib Boneless ,Yangnyum Galbi (IDR 195.000): Sweet seasoned Short Beef Rib.

Jap Chae (IDR 120.000): Korean style fried noodle with beef. Generous portion on this dish. Very tasty noodle.

Sun Dubu Cigae (IDR 70.000): If you like strong taste, you’ll love Gonjumong’s version of spicy tofu soup.

They also give complimentary fruits and a choice of dessert, either ice cream (vanilla,strawberry or ogura) or ice coffee.

The fact that this restaurant offers great quality of service and authentic Korean dishes has made this one of my favorite Korean restaurant in Jakarta. Maybe you should give it the try too, the next time you’re in the area.


Gojumong Korean Traditional Grill

Jl.Panglima Polim IX No.7-9
South Jakarta , Indonesia

Phone: (021) 7279 6708/ (021) 7279 6709

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