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Clean, laid back, and family friendly, were my first impression of the place. There are 5 choices of Curries in GO!CURRY menu:

Brown Curry: Japanese classic with a hint of Apple and Cardamom; Green Curry: A spicy curry made with Coconut milk, Green chilies, Lime,Mint and Pandan Leaves; Red Curry: Curry with chopped Red Habanero Chilies, Basil, and Cinnamon, in a tomato based sauce; Yellow Curry: A subtle Butter Curry, influenced by the flavors of the subcontinent,with fresh tomato, Cashews,and cream; Rogan Josh Curry: A fusion of Kashmiri classic, named after its reddish color and passionate flavor. It’s a reflection of Japanese, Indian, Italian fusion curries.

I went ahead with the Brown Curry and the Rogan Josh Curry which were the favorites. The Brown Curry is the thick Japanese style curry, delicious, very nice textured. The Rogan Josh didn’t exactly taste like a curry, but really good too. In my opinion it resembles more like a marinara sauce with a hint of curry.

There are also choices of the spiciness level: from Mild to Insanely Hot, and the rice choices: Long grain, Cilantro Butter or Aromatic Yellow Rice.

Chicken Tika (IDR 56.000) Brown Curry,Long grain Rice : Chicken cubes marinated with traditional Indian spices,grilled in the clay oven,

Breaded Fish (IDR 69.000)  Brown Curry, Long grain rice. : Breaded Dori fish fillet fried in Japanese bread crumbs.

Chicken Katsu (IDR 56.000) Rogan Josh Curry, Long Grain rice. : Tender chicken breast fried in Japanese bread crumbs.

Black Pepper Chicken Samosa (IDR 29.000): Light pastry triangles, stuffed with diced chicken in Black pepper sauce. Crunchy really tasty pastry, and spicy fillings, I couldn’t get enough of.

Naan’wich Chicken cubes (IDR 49.000): Tender clay oven chicken,mixed leaves, Lemon garlic mayo,a dash of Yellow Curry, wrapped in homemade Naan bread. I was surprised when I saw how big the dish was. And when I took a bite of it, I immediately fell in love with it. The Naan was perfect, the inside was huge layers of extra fresh lettuce, yummy chicken, cucumber dices,and the zesty sauce, all of them created a perfect harmony in the wrap. It was my favorite.

I was kind of sick of Red Velvet cake (IDR 45.000), but when the waitress told me that they made their own with the natural coloring of beets,I was sold. To tell you the truth..This might be one of the best tasting red velvet cake I’ve ever tried in Jakarta. The moist of the cake was perfect, the sweetness was wonderful, there’s no after taste from artificial food coloring, and I love how they put the red raw sugar on the top,it gave the extra crunch that it needed. The cream cheese might’ve been too thick, but overall it was superb!


Pacific Place Level 4.
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 52-53.
Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone : (021) 51402750/ (021) 51402751


  1. i like go curry! haven’t tried their rv cake, though.. jadi pengen.. this weekend kayaknya harus ke sana haha.. ngiler naan + lassi nya juga.. the best..!! i link ur blog to mine yah.. thanks 🙂

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