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I spotted a newly opened Chinese restaurant called Ginger Li on Kemang Raya, South Jakarta, and I’ve decided to give it a try. The place has a nice colorful interior with painted walls and mixed European-Oriental touch design. It’s a refreshing different look for an oriental restaurant.

I started the meal with Fruity Lily and Rainbow drinks (kiwi,strawberry and orange juices). The Rainbow drink was colorful and cute to look at,but the taste was slimey and sour, I think it wasn’t a good fruit combining choice.


Pattaya Garden (IDR 65.000): Grilled Wagyu beef and asian mix veggies, served with a chili lime dressing. Similar to Thai salad, very tasty, good combination of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy.

Ginger Li Salad (IDR 88.000): Smoked salmon and asian mix veggies,served with anchovies emulsion dressing. This one didn’t hit the spot. It’s just ordinary salad with boring creamy dressing,and the salmon didn’t seem to blend with the taste.


The Red Sea (IDR 55.000): Combination of seafood and mushroom in a Thai style Tom Yum Goong hot and sour broth. It’s alright,but I had better.

Lotus Pond (IDR 80.000): Delicious duck and prawn wonton and pak choy served in clear broth. Love the fresh wonton skin, and the poultry and seafood combination.


Main Courses:

Fly Away (IDR 80.000): Crispy fried pigeon served with sweet and sour shaoxing sauce. Great tasty and crunchy dish.

Warriors of the Dark (IDR 99.000): Wagyu beef,onions and bell peppers smothered in black pepper sauce. Delicious seasoned sauce, tender juicy beef. Yummy is the word.

White Warrior (IDR 90.000): Wagyu beef, large rice noodles and bean sprout smothered in Ginger’s special sauce. Perfectly cooked fried Kwetiau/rice noodles. Love the sauce and the extra sweetness in the flavor.

Gold Rush chicken/beef ribs (IDR 80.000/IDR 98.000): Indian style curry with a choice of chicken or beef ribs, served with steamed rice. The curry was more like Indonesian curry/opor ayam, instead of Indian style. But it still taste good.

Ginger Li

Gedung Kemang 37
 Jl. Kemang Raya 37 Jakarta 12730
 Phone: (021) 7179 1220



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