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I’ve been waiting for this restaurant to open since they put the advertisement in Gandaria City Mall. The funny name alone tickled my curiosity, and it got more interesting when I found out that this is another one of Ismaya’s establishments (the same company that owns SKYE, Social House, Kitchenette, Pasta de Waraku, etc.)

Right after you set foot on this place, you’ll be greeted by a hostess that had a ‘street vendor cart’ station. The colorful restaurant has the old style chinese restaurants like in the Kungfu movies, but the bright and cheerful pictured walls and furnitures added the humor and freshness into the place. Funny thing, it felt like I was in the Kungfu Panda movie when I was there. You couldn’t help but smile just being there.

Fun and catching names were also introduced in the drinks menu. Looking on how they have their own Bubble Tea Bar, I couldn’t resist to try their Bubble drinks:

Shaolin soccer (IDR 35.000): Coffee Caramel Milk, Coffee Jelly,Tapioca Balls and Grass Jelly. Too much milk, light coffee drink.

Seven Sword (IDR 35.000): Black Tea, Lychee Monin, Lychee Fruit, Lemon grass stick, and Tapioca Balls. I love it that they provide the non dairy bubble drinks here. It’s a great companion for a heavy lunch.

Once Upon A Time in China (IDR 35.000): Green Tea, Kum Quat, Nata De Coco ,and Tapioca Balls. Sweet Sour, refreshing drink.

Now let’s try on the food,

Pomelo Salad (IDR 39.000): Sweet and spicy fragrant salad, but the taste wasn’t as good as I expected.

Chicken Feet (IDR 19.000): The chicken skin was tender and juicy. Delicious sweet savory famous chinese dim sum.

Xiao Long Bao (IDR 19.000): Six colorful varieties of Xiao Long Bao/ steamed soup dumplings. The dumpling skin was perfect, not too thin and not too thick, the fillings was delightful too.

Spicy Beef Fried Rice (IDR 39.000): Strong tasting, sweet salty spicy, delicious fried rice, a bit greasy,but that’s what all Chinese food about.

Crispy Rice Dory (IDR 52.000): Rice crisps with fried Dory fillets and broccoli in sweet corn sauce. Yummy fish fillets, great salty sauce and extra crunch from the rice crisps.

Liu Quian Chicken (IDR 59.000): Thai style Chicken wrapped in Pandan leaves, it’s average.

Shanghai Chicken (27.000): chicken and prawn Sheng Jian Bao. Delish dish,it’s like Siomay wrapped in wonton skin. The filling was really good,and the skin was soft and crispy and I could taste the sweetness of it. It’s just awesome.



Fruit Pancake (IDR 32.000) with Shanghai Ice cream: Layers of thin pastry with custard like filling and fruits. The pastry was kind of burnt, it wasn’t crunchy enough, and I wasn’t excited about the custard/fla either. It’s gooey and boring.

In my conclusion, Fook Yew is a refreshing new restaurant with a great concept theme and food. Would really like to come back here again and try on the rest in their menu.


Fook Yew

Gandaria City Mainstreet GF, Unit MG25.
 Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda 5 No. 8.
South Jakarta -12240
Phone: (021) 29007897


  1. Aa..Baru melewati tempat ini bbrp hr lalu, dan ckp penasaran karena namanya…Thank you for posting the review, sekarang penasaran cukup terjawab 😀

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