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The Fabrik Eatery and Bar, located on Riau Street, one of many factory outlet and distro haven of Bandung, offers a new groovy hangout spot for its social-conscious patrons. It resides right next to a distro outlet called widely project.

Its industrial interior concept combined with their hip music selections attract mainly younger audience and gives a new addition to the already crowded culinary hangout spot of Bandung. It instantly becomes one of my favorite place to hang out.

I started my dinner with Escargots (IDR 32), which quickly became obvious that it was a bad way to start the meal. The snails, which is the main thing of the dish, are tough. If I have a say in the matter, I would suggest to use fresh snails for the dish or don’t serve it at all. Comforted a little bit by the juicy mushroom serving as the base of the escargot, I also disliked the overall blackpeppery taste of the dish.

Moving on to the mains, I ordered one of their chef recommendation, Beef Zuricheese style (IDR 42). It’s yummy. All items on the dish are well-cooked with the right balance of creamy sauce. Worth trying. I also tried Grilled Salmon (IDR 65). Although the salmon looked a bit smallish compared to the plate, the taste is good and the salmon was perfectly cooked.

For the steak, we tried both Grilled Tenderloin Australian with mashed potatoes and devil sauce ( IDR 82.5) and Grilled Tenderloin Meltique with season potatoes and mushroom sauce (IDR 138). The tenderloin was tender and cooked perfectly as I ordered. But alas, another disappointment on the meltique steak. It had nothing special to offer despite its price and the meat was pretty tough.

To conclude our meal, we ordered several of their favorite desserts, which are Black Fabrik (IDR 29.5), and also the current phenomenon in Jakarta and Bandung, Rainbow Cake (IDR 29.5) and Red Velvet Cake (IDR 29.5). It was not disappointing at all, the cakes are quite moist and yummy. I didn’t finish the rainbow and velvet cake since I was a bit hesitant in swallowing all the food coloring. I was pretty surprised though with their velvet cake, it reminds me of Union’s in Jakarta. Black fabrik’s sweet bitter chocolatey flavor makes it a good choice to complement my Americano Coffee (IDR 12.5) (black coffee).
Creme Brulee Freezta – iced blended creme brulee flavored drinks sprinkled with chocolate grate was also quite refreshing 🙂


FABRIK Eatery and Bar
Jl. Riau 107, Bandung
P. 022-7107107

Open: 10am – 12pm weekday. 10am – 2 am weekend
Twitter: @FABRIKeatery

Average Spending per person: IDR 80,000 – 90,000


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